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By Jill K Willis

You’re a writer! Don’t be shy. Brand yourself as one even if you’re pre-published. No, especially if you’re pre-published. Build credibility for your work while you work.

An easy, inexpensive way to do this is with your email signature. Every time you send an email, add your special writer’s signature to it. This reinforces your chosen trade. Here’s what mine looks like:

I used the following to create my professional signature:

  • Photo. A close-up is a friendly addition to dry text. Candid shots are acceptable.
  • Name. Please don’t use your written signature. It’s too easy for unscrupulous people to reproduce.
  • Title. I promoted my book with this line. Feel free to add more than one title under your name, for example, “Writer and Speaker.”
  • Personal website address. This is a quick way for the recipient to learn more about you and your manuscripts.
  • Additional website address. I included the Storyteller Squad link because I blog on it once a month.
  • Social media links. Gain followers to build your platform.

I’ve seen other writers use the following to help market their books:

  • Book Names
  • Book Cover Photos
  • List of Awards
  • Scripture

If you add any of these items, do so sparingly. You don’t want a cluttered signature. Instead of listing all your published books, feature the one you’re currently marketing. And choose between your photo and the book cover; you only need one image in your signature. A list of awards lends credibility to your work, but don’t overdo it or you might be perceived as bragging.

You can create multiple signatures. For instance, I have a signature for my role as president of the N. GA Chapter of the American ChristianFiction Writers. I also have a “Mom” one. Note that it’s not necessary to add your address or phone number. If the recipient needs your contact information, they can ask.

Many email providers now offer a variety of templates for you to create professional signatures. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can use a signature generator like Wise Stamp. They’re currently charging $70/year, but they often run sales for half that price.

Do you have any ideas for successful signatures?

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Jill K Willis is the author of The Demons Among Us, winner of the ACFW Genesis Contest-YA Category in 2020. The first page of that manuscript also won the ACFW SC Chapter’s First Page Novel Contest in 2020. Jill’s a co-founder of the Storyteller Squad blog.

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  1. A photo with my signature?
    Don’t know what message that stuff brings,
    because I look, for very sure
    like Gimli from The Lord Of Rings,
    far too broad across the chest,
    with a visage to be feared
    even when I smile in jest
    through my ‘stache and great black beard.
    Perhaps, just thinking off the top,
    there’s work that I could do
    with something cool like Photoshop,
    while trying to be true
    to that shining inner man,
    and make me look like Jackie Chan.

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