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Candee Fick

The Genesis Contest was a catalyst for my writing career. By gleaning from the insightful comments of judges on four different manuscripts that either Finaled or Semi-Finaled over a span of six years, I was able to grow in my craft and see what resonated with readers. That encouragement kept me going while my contest-placements gave me both professional confidence and added credibility with editors and agents…until the year I won and that name recognition literally opened the door for my first contract.

Candee Fick


Ronie Kendig

What am I getting from ACFW? I get amazing support, encouragement, direction, and guidance. There's a plethora of amazing people who have the experience and willingness to answer questions. Through ACFW, I gained all my critique partners, made best friends, met/signed with my awesome agent, and have even garnered my first book contract.

Ronie Kendig


Sarah Salter

One of the reasons that I waited so long to begin my personal novel journey was because I believed that writing was something that I would have to do in isolation. I believed that I wouldn't have any support or help. I was so wrong!! When God finally broke through my hard head and made it clear that I was to rewrite my screenplay into a novel, I went to Google and searched, "Christian Fiction Writing" and it brought me to you (ACFW). And here I am! And oh, how my life is infinitely richer! I have fallen in love with writing again. And I have found a great big group of cheerleaders! I am fully supported and far from isolated.

Sarah Salter

Lindsay Harrel

Being a finalist in the Genesis Contest not only gave me an extra boost of confidence when pitching to editors at ACFW, but I believe it also was one of the reasons I attracted the attention of my amazing agent. In addition, entering the contest in my early years of writing gave me feedback from industry professionals that I was able to implement and use to improve my stories.

Lindsay Harrel


Carol Ashby

I ALWAYS urge new writers to enter their work in Genesis. I also urge them to enter First Impressions with unfinished manuscripts. I was writing omniscient narrator POV when I first entered Genesis, and it was from comments by the judges that I learned today's market wanted 3rd person limited. So I learned how to do that and rewrote the 3 novels I'd entered to the more modern style. I attribute their market success to those rewrites. If I hadn't entered Genesis, taken to heart the suggestions made by the judges, and studied hard to learn and improve my craft, I wouldn't be enjoying the level of success I have. MANY THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED WITH GENESIS WHO HELPED MAKE IT ALL POSSIBLE.

Carol Ashby



First Impressions

The FIRST IMPRESSIONS CONTEST gives unpublished writers the opportunity to have the first five pages of their Christian fiction manuscript evaluated by an industry professional.



The GENESIS CONTEST is the ACFW contest for unpublished Christian fiction writers. It provides the opportunity for unbiased feedback on writers' work by published authors and experienced judges, and the chance for the vfinalists to have their work read by Christian publishing house editors and literary agents. Finished manuscripts required.


The Carol

The CAROL AWARDS are ACFW’s recognition for the best Christian fiction published in the previous calendar year.