God’s Creative Call

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By Loretta Eidson

In The Creative Call by Janice Elsheimer, we are told that God can restore lost dreams. Further reading presents an inspiring, thought-provoking source for resurrecting dormant talent. It encourages us to think back into our childhood and remember the one talent that brought a sparkle to our young eyes. Whether it was playing the piano, becoming an artist, or writing a book, this memory can impart a renewed hope and a desire to awaken those childhood aspirations by pursuing God’s creative call in our lives.

Growing into responsible adults doesn’t mean we must forsake our personal goals. While it may be a little more challenging for us to shuffle daily responsibilities to develop those God-given talents, the rewards of persistence and obedience are limitless.

Discovering writing as our creative call opens doors of opportunities where dreams of publishing can come true. Once we recognize the possibilities our desire to write is rekindled, inspiration blossoms, and our five senses come alive.

• Our sight focuses on details.

• Our hearing listens to every sound.

• Our nose tickles and sometimes curled by various smells.

• Our taste heightens with descriptive flavors.

• Our touch increases sensitivity to an assortment of textures.

The computer keyboard becomes magnetic. Fingers click across the keys with a graceful rhythm as a story is birthed and a dream is fulfilled. A sense of accomplishment adds another level of purpose to life. Such is the outcome of God’s creative call on Christian writers when a suppressed desire transforms into reality.

Writers are unique people. The work it takes to sharpen skills and understand techniques doesn’t seem so daunting when pursuing God’s call. It creates a determination to strive toward success.

As Henry McLaughlin stated in a recent post, “Our dream comes closer to reality when we stay focused and disciplined, when we keep improving and growing in the craft.”

Imagination soars with intriguing story ideas. Allowing that creativeness to be reborn instills an excitement that only true writers understand. Having the opportunity to befriend other writers and interact with them is like delving into an unlimited source of knowledge; especially when they are seasoned and published.

Maintaining a positive outlook is a vital key to every writer’s success. Regardless of the status of writing careers-aspiring or published-a good attitude helps keep inspiration alive. Writers who devote time to develop their writing skills, and keep a positive outlook produce quality work.

Dare to dream again. Awaken those childhood dreams of creativity, expect those eyes to sparkle with new hope, and chase after God’s heart by pursuing His creative call.

Loretta EidsonLoretta Eidson won second place in Gary Chapman’s writing contest for Love Is a Verb with her story A Christmas Miracle. She has multiple stories published in various anthologies. Her novel placed in the top ten of the 2013 Genesis Contest, the 2014 Genesis Contest, and was the winner of her genre in the 2014 Novel Rocket Contest.

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