Specialty Appointments

The opportunity to have personal, fifteen minute appointments with Editors, Agents, Mentors or PR/Media Professionals is a valuable highlight of the conference. These provide a great way to learn first-hand about the writing industry, to pitch your manuscript or work-in-progress, and to brainstorm ideas, get encouragement, and benefit from industry professionals.

All appointments are available on a first-pay, first slotted basis. Appointments will be scheduled by the Conference Appointment Coordinator, Casey Miller. You will select multiple choices for your appointment needs when you register for the conference.

In selecting Speciality Appointments with PR/Media Professionals, we request only contracted/published authors request these appointments.

Ken Raney ACFW

Ken Raney

Title: Graphic Designer
Web Site: http://www.kenraney.com

Ken Raney has been an illustrator and graphic designer for more than 40 years and has had 2 children’s picture books published. Stick Horse, about a young boy who finds a flying stick horse and his adventures, was published by Medlicott Press in 1991. It’s Probably Good Dinosaurs are Extinct, Simon & Schuster, 1993, depicting the many perils if dinos still roamed the earth today. Ken has worked in the corporate world for 25 years as an Advertising/Marketing Manager. Lately, Raney has launched an entertainment website for Christian teens and tweens at ClashEntertainment.com.

APPOINTMENT INFORMATION: People should bring any design item they want Ken to review/critique. e.e.: business cards, book covers, flyers, one-sheets, bookmarks, etc. Or Ken will be happy to answer any design questions you might have.

Jeane Wynn image

Jeane Wynn

Title: President of Wynn-Wynn Media
Web Site: http://www.wynnwynnmedia.com

WYNN-WYNN MEDIA was formed in 2001 by Jeane Wynn and her husband Tyson. Jeane began in publishing in 1989, working in sales at NavPress. She was soon promoted to a team that developed and launched Clarity magazine, while also doing marketing work for Discipleship Journal and Current Thoughts & Trends.

Since then, Jeane has worked in various positions in publishing, which have given her a well-rounded view of the industry, which is essential as she navigates the ever-changing world of publicity. Before starting Wynn-Wynn Media, she hired and worked with a number of publicists in her capacity as a marketing manager.

Wynn-Wynn Media thrives due to a combination of Jeane’s love of good books, her personal care and attention to the authors who create them, and her understanding of all aspects of publishing, from acquisition to editorial to sales to marketing. Wynn-Wynn Media is a full-service publicity firm, and the Wynns work with the entire spectrum of media, including print and electronic publications, television and radio broadcasts, podcasts and live online radio, websites and blogs, social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and other emerging media tools to ensure the best and most opportunities for their clients.

Some of Wynn-Wynn Media’s latest campaigns have seen clients recognized on the New York Times, USA Today, ECPA, CBA, and Christian Retailing best-seller lists.

At Wynn-Wynn Media, we strive for integrity, creativity, deliberation, and consistency every day for every client.

Jeane holds a Bachelor’s degree in Radio-TV Sales & Management from Oklahoma State University. She and her husband and business partner Tyson Wynn live in their childhood hometown, where they run Wynn-Wynn Media from a vintage store-front on Main Street.

Appointments for contracted/published authors only
Bring your one sheet on the title, bio, website link.