Continuing Education

As part of your conference registration options, you will be given the choice of one FRIDAY TRACK Session to follow throughout the conference agenda.

In years past, ACFW conferees have chosen from among several Continuing Education classes. Replacing the Continuing Ed sessions are an array of specially-tailored TRACKS that encompass writers’ spiritual, writing craft, marketing, business, and industry education needs. Multiple presenters will bring their customized, need-based insights to the conferee. Below are the TRACK categories:

  • NEW WRITER–Writers getting started on their journey will gain a wealth of valuable information on the craft of writing at a level that matches their specific needs. They’ll also learn about the social and spiritual triumphs and pitfalls of the writing life, gain much-needed information about the publishing process, and connect with other writers at the same place in their journey.
  • ON THEIR WAY–This track is for writers who are past the “newbie” stage. Maybe you are working with an agent or have even published something but aren’t sure where to go next. These sessions will answer the inevitable “what’s next?” questions. How to stay focused on the main thing, how to interact with readers (or discover readers!), where to find your next idea…and much more.
  • MIDLIST AUTHORS–Midlisters are those who have been published with a measure of success, but who feel stuck in the middle–accomplished, but not bestsellers. This track is custom designed for those who are looking to rise to the next level and maneuver through the maze of our ever-changing industry.
  • INDIE AUTHORS–An independently published writer wears many hats–creating content, making crucial decisions about format and covers, managing a marketing plan… This track covers the myriad of details an indie writer can’t afford to overlook.
  • HYBRID AUTHORS–Being a true hybrid is a balancing act between indie work and traditionally published novels. This track will teach hybrid authors how to navigate those challenging waters.

After reading the TRACK Definitions, note the sessions you most want to attend and have it handy when you complete your registration. All classes are open to anyone; the Levels are merely to help you determine the type of instruction to expect.

IMPORTANT NOTE You are encouraged to study the sessions carefully before registering. In an effort to be as environmentally responsible as possible, handouts for sessions will not be available onsite. You’ll receive handouts for your sessions via email the week prior to conference. If you purchase the complete syllabus, that electronic syllabus will be included in your registration packet.

Track 1 – Let’s Do This

Title: Let’s Do This
Presented by: Angie Hunt, Natasha Kern, Karen Solem, and Dan Walsh

Track 2 — Now What?

Title: Now What?
Presented by: Ami McConnell Abston, Amanda Bostic, Colleen Coble, Lynette Eason, Rachel Hauck, Liz Curtis Higgs, Yvonne Lehman, DiAnn Mills, Jan Stob, and Susan May Warren

Track 3 — Legend in My Own Mind

Title: Legend in My Own Mind
Presented by: Ami McConnell Abston, Rick Acker, Brandilyn Collins, Kristen Golden, Rachel Hauck, Cara Putman, Karen Solem, and Susan May Warren

Track 4 — Doing It My Way

Title: Doing It My Way
Presented by: Brandilyn Collins, Angie Hunt, and Dan Walsh

Track 5 — Fly Away Hybrid

Title: Fly Away Hybrid
Presented by: Steve Laube, Ken Raney and Susan May Warren