Editor Appointments

The opportunity to have personal appointments with Editors and Agents is a valuable highlight of the conference. These provide a great way to learn first-hand about the writing industry, to pitch your manuscript or work-in-progress, and to brainstorm ideas, get encouragement, and benefit from industry professionals.

All appointments are available on a first pay, first slotted basis. Appointments will be scheduled by the Conference Appointment Coordinator, Casey Miller. Appointments will be scheduled the week prior to conference, so if you want an appointment, please register by August 27, 2021! All times are CDT for the virtual conference. You will select multiple choices for your appointment needs when you register for the conference. You will be sent your appointment information a week prior to the virtual conference so that, if requested by the person you have an appointment with, you may submit documents to Casey, who will ensure the information is passed along to the correct person.

One of the most valuable connecting points at the ACFW conference is the opportunity for editor appointments. So many authors, so little time. In these appointments, an editor will quickly assess “Is this a storyline that interests me? Does this author demonstrate knowledge of the craft and of the Christian fiction industry? Is this worth exploring further?”

2021 Editors

Janyre Tromp

Organization: Kregel Publications
Title: Editor
Web Site: http://www.kregel.com

Janyre Tromp has worked in the CBA industry for more than twenty years, spending time in both marketing and editorial. Currently, she is a developmental and acquisitions editor for Kregel Publications by day and a writer at night. For the record, you pronounce her name Jan-air . . . like the stove, but not like the book. She loves talking about books and interacts regularly with authors on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/JanyreTromp) including biweekly writing and editing tips.

Currently Seeking: Kregel is a family-owned publisher who loves working with a variety of talented authors who regularly earn awards and achieve a best-selling status. Right now we’re looking for romance and its various subgenres, and historical and its various subgenres, approximately 70,000 to 90,000 words. We are not looking for speculative, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, or allegory. Ultimately, Kregel is interested in fiction that is entertaining and from a distinctly biblical worldview, with exceptional storytelling and a spiritual arc; with relatable characters, believable action, and natural dialogue. Kregel does not want blatantly preachy or agenda-driven stories.

I will talk with prospective authors at any stage of the writing process. For serious consideration, an author not previously published in the genre being pitched must have a completed manuscript. Requests a one sheet and/or proposal submitted prior to meeting.

Guidelines: http://www.kregel.com