ACFW Marketplace

Our venue in the beautiful Hyatt Regency right next to the beautiful Arch allows us space to continue the opportunity for our author attendees, publishing houses, freelance editors, and other industry professionals. This year, the Marketplace will be centrally located in the hub of the conference…right across the hall from the room where we’ll hold General Sessions and meals.

Our position right in the mix of the conference affords tablespace you can purchase for any of these or other marketplace purposes:

    • Display and sell your latest Christian fiction release
    • Join with a group of authors to display and sell your Christian fiction releases (Think of creative display ideas!)
    • If you are a freelance editor, you can use a tablespace in the Marketplace to talk about the services you provide and engage new clients. Few if any other conferences make a place for this kind of interaction.
    • Publishing houses can display and sell their products
    • Writing or review-related magazines can offer giveaways or enlist subscriptions
    • Cover designers can display samples and discuss their services with prospective independent publishing clients.
    • Insert your idea here.

To maximize attendees’ access to your product or service information, the MARKETPLACE will be open during the majority of conference hours, as well as before and after. Space is limited and applicants will be vetted to ensure compliance with ACFW values and goals. Individual authors or businesses will be responsible for all sales at their table (including sales tax compliance) in the MARKETPLACE. Each table must be staffed by the individual or business as ACFW nor Hyatt Regency is responsible for any items left unattended in the room.



Pricing (reduced from last year): $150.00 for a six-foot, draped table
Specification: Nothing can be hung in the area. Freestanding banners no larger than 8’ tall X 2.5” wide are allowed. Table easels are allowed.
Space: Limited. Once the application is approved, space is filled on first pay, first served basis.

*Disclaimer: ACFW reserves the right to refuse any application if deemed in the best interest of the corporation and its membership.


  • Once approved, an invoice will be issued. Table rental must be paid for by September 1, 2020.
  • Responsible party for the table (MUST be registered for the conference—if party doesn’t register and pay for conference registration by the cutoff date of September 1st, this space is forfeited without refund) Only ONE person must be registered, not all involved with the table.
  • Responsible party for the table must stay within the ACFW block of rooms at the hotel unless residing within 30 miles of the location.
  • Responsible party and/or his representative is responsible for collecting and paying all taxes and fees. ACFW and Hyatt Regency are not liable.
  • Responsible party and/or his representative is to oversee the merchandise at the table. ACFW and Hyatt Regency are NOT responsible for the security of any items left unattended in the room.
  • Internet is not included in the space rental. If you would like to request internet sign-in, for an additional charge, please make note of your request.
  • Responsible party agrees that merchandise represented in the Marketplace does not contain profanity, graphic sex, gratuitous violence or other objectionable material.
  • Responsible party and/or his representative is responsible for all shipping charges to and from the hotel.


Marketplace Application
ACFW Member?
You will receive an invoice upon acceptance of your application. As soon as your payment is received, your table will be assigned and confirmed.