A Conference Filled with the Love of Christ

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It’s hard to know where to start when talking about the 2009 ACFW Conference. Besides the fact that I would be traveling back to my hometown, visiting family, and meeting up with friends, I had many more reasons to be excited about going to my first conference.

As a newbie last year, I decided to head to Denver without expectations. That’s right, none whatsoever.

I had appointments set up with an editor and an agent. While trying to still my nerves and keep my knees from knocking together all the way into the room, I was immediately put at ease by both women I met. They listened, gave me ideas, and took the time to answer my questions. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Along with meetings, I attended different classes offered throughout the weekend. I was so excited to learn more about the craft of writing. Some of the best writers, editors, and agents taught classes that were not only fun, but informative.

I saw friends from home and had a lot of laughs. I also met a multitude of new friends, which I immediately felt like I’d known for years. I was encouraged by Debbie Macomber’s stories about her rise from unpublished writer, punching the keys on a rented typewriter, to becoming a New York Times bestseller.

But, beyond the writing, the meetings, the classes, and the friends, I was astounded by the love of Christ filling the hotel. People prayed in the hallways with each other. Editors and agents prayed for the people they met. Competition was non-existent, and a genuine concern for each other’s goals and dreams was evident. The music brought us all together to praise God at such a time.

At the end of the conference I left feeling more empowered to share the love of Jesus with others. I came home on fire for Christ! I didn’t expect it, but I got it. And I’m very thankful for it. Here’s a link to the conference.

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