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By Ane Mulligan

Clean office spaceWhere we write, at least to me, is paramount to creativity. I prefer my office or nook to be neat and organized. My muse likes my writing space neat and only comes out to play when it is. It’s hard to keep a nook clean, though. Where can you keep all the things we writers need?

Unfortunately, writing spaces seem to shrink. At least mine do. Plus finding the right chair creates its own conundrum.

reclinerWell, it all started when I developed some back trouble and discovered it was from sitting at a desk. It seems I inherited a straight neck from my mother. Thanks, mom. Once we found my new recliner, it solved my back problem. I was thrilled.

But that presented problems of its own. Where do I keep my research books and thesauri? We decided it was time to move my office area out of the master bedroom. For the last nine years, I’d occupied one third of the space for my office. The armoire didn’t housed clothes but office supplies.

My Space is in Chaos!
This decision set off a chain of events that isn’t yet over. First I sold my dining room suite. We hadn’t used it in a good ten years and probably wouldn’t CHAOSever again. We don’t have family here in Georgia other than one bachelor son (that’s a hint for anyone with a daughter of marriageable age). But back to my story.

After we sold the dining room suite, we moved Hubs out of his old office and turned the dining room into a music room-slash-office. He doesn’t do any work there per se; he’s an artist and has a studio in the walkout basement. However, he needed an office to play online chess. Makes sense to me.

He’s nearly completely moved into his new space. The problem lies in what comes next in the moving of things. I have to clear out the curio cabinet so it can be moved into the foyer. Then the armoire from the bedroom will fill that space in his new office. But the treadmill sits where the curio cabinet needs to go. new deskThis is worse than plotting a mystery! Who’s on first?

I know eventually, I will have a lovely new office. That is once the stationary bike is moved out, the old desk picked up by Salvation Army, and the new glass top ordered for my desk. But first we have to move everything back out and paint.

And I have a book launch in September. But I’ll be fine … that is if I can find my muse underneath all the clutter.

Ane Mulligan OctAne Mulligan writes Southern-fried fiction served with a tall, sweet iced tea. Her debut book Chapel Springs Revival releases Sept 8th, 2014. She’s a playwright, a humor columnist and a syndicated blogger. She resides in Suwanee, GA, with her artist husband, chef son, and two dogs of Biblical proportion.

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