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by Linda Robinson

Recently, while waiting for my editor to finish the first pass of my third book-to-be, my doctor informed me I needed major surgery. Given only six days to prepare for six weeks of incapacitation, my mind went berserk. I had a book signing and other events scheduled and would miss our church’s Easter cantata and special Sunday service-all depressing thoughts.

Since I’m normally a person whose glass is never half-empty, I grabbed a note pad and planned how to get everything essential done. While recouping, I could edit my current WIP and write my heart out. Besides, after about ten days, light chores wouldn’t be a problem.

I quickly jotted down several to-do items and put a star next to Finish and take 2013 taxes to CPA and Give my baby a bath (a Maltese dog ?).

Then my hubby, who loves his food and is always thinking of his next meal, asked if I planned to prepare a few and freeze them. Not! I informed him there were enough restaurants and fast food places he could frequent and do take outs. He’s easy going. No problem.

Two days before surgery, my editor returned my manuscript sooner than predicted, but I barely had time to scan it. I shot her an email about my unexpected detour.

First, let me admit it. I was wrong. In my twenties and thirties, I bounced back from surgery in record time, but now that I’m…um, more mature, not so. The next three weeks were full of little bumps and one huge pothole in the road. Sitting at the computer proved impossible.

I’m convinced God uses every incident for His purposes, and I gave all my pains and worries to Him. Another confession: I tried to take them back more than once, but that proved futile. He blessed me again and again. Though physically unable to write at the desktop or on a laptop, my brain never stopped creating, and I jotted down many ideas for stories, blogs and composite characters.

Friends with whom I hadn’t corresponded in years contacted me after they saw posts on Facebook by my church family and friends who were praying for recovery. What blessings!

When feeling a little down, I walked out into my patio garden-and later, outside in the yard-and took pictures of God’s glorious beauty displayed like paintings on canvas and posted them on Facebook. Hummingbirds frequented the suction-cupped window feeders outside every room and lifted my spirits. I thanked God it was springtime, my favorite time of year.

Much better now, I’m raring to write. My heart’s desire is that my words and future books will instill or renew a belief and faith in a Holy God in all who read them.

In relation to writing, have any of you had an incident, big or small, mental or physical, that caused you to depend solely on the Father to see you through and keep you motivated to write for Him?

Linda RobinsonLinda Robinson is the author of two published novels. She’s an active member of her local Writers’ Forum, ACFW, Scribes, and others. Linda recently completed her third manuscript, in addition to guest-blogging and writing fiction and non-fiction humorous short stories for magazines and contests. Find out more about Linda by visiting her web site and reading her blogs at: http://lindarobinson.tateauthor.com, on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Hi Linda,

    I can really relate to what you’ve posted. I was born with spina bifida, which resulted in multiple major surgeries, from the time I was born into my twenties. At one point, I burned my right foot so badly that, for eleven years, I spent more time on crutches than off of them. It has been difficult to figure out God’s will for my life, especially in the way of occupation, because I’ve ended up having to adjust my expectations to match whatever I’m capable of doing, physically, at the time. I am blessed that, right now, in my forties, I am enjoying a period of better health, in some ways, than during my childhood. Yet, it is also a time in which I find myself struggling with the fear of how much worse things may get, as I get older. Given my paralysis, I could easily incur as bad an injury as before, and suddenly I could find myself enduring years of complications again. I find myself faced with a great deal of temptation to worry and to be disappointed over my losses, and yet I have gained a tremendous amount, in the way of the joy found in unanticipated blessings. My husband, for example, has been a greater blessing to me than I could have ever dreamed. In fact, my family appreciate him so much that I joke about how much they ask how he is doing, in comparison with me. That situation has prompted me to spend the last two years, during points when I have had ‘down time’, writing the story I am currently focused on, which I have enjoyed injecting a lot of humor into, even as I write– which, in turn, has given me things to laugh about. In reality, I am blessed beyond measure, and humbled that some people now consider me an inspiration. Of course, I know the truth; it’s by God’s grace that I can laugh about such things. There truly is a purpose in everything, and I’m thankful for that. It can be hard to take one day at a time, but like I said, I find an awful lot of joy in the unexpected blessings that every day brings.

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