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Hopes, aspirations, dreams, coalesce into strange shapes at ACFW conferences:

The square shape of the elevator–where you catch the dream agent unaware and pitch the next Great American novel. Oh, Lord, can I do this?

The rectangular shape of the check-in tables. Oh, Lord, they’re looking at me funny. Can I really do this?

The octagonal/nonhedronal complexities of today’s publishing world. This thing’s multiplying, dividing, mutating, faster than I can even SEE, much less think. Can I really, really do this, Lord?

In your haste to lay a foundation, add on, or remodel your Christian writing career, don’t neglect the circle of friendship–a shape that will provide comfort, guidance, and laughter.

Sure I like the teaching. The speaking.

But the best thing of all?

Pulling a new writer into the circle of friendship.
Clasping hands with critique partners as we form a circle and pray.
Dining in high style at a circular banquet table to honor distinguished professionals.

Several years ago, when speaking at a conference, Zondervan senior editor Sue Brower advised writers to avoid the mistake of setting unreachable goals, to be realistic about time and work constraints.

A simple, feasible goal for ACFW?

Buy a latte for that droopy-eyed romance writer in your first session.
Say hi to three first-time attendees.
Compliment a favorite writer on that favorite writing.

Broaden your circle of friendship. ACFW–and you–will be the better for it.

Lord willing, see you there!

Have you, either formally or informally, set goals for your attendance at ACFW?

Have you included in your contemplation a forming of new friendships?
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