Why Read or Recommend a Biblical novel?

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By Linda Dindzans @lindadindzans

First let’s review from my previous blog Why Write a Biblical Novel? the definition of a biblical novel.

The vast cast of biblical characters is both historic and religious. They are not fictional. Their lives, faith, and teachings are accurately recorded in scripture.

A biblical novel is not scripture. The tale is generated in the “offstage space” of the settings and characters of the sixty-six books of the Bible. The author may utilize both fact and fiction to create a work that offers Truth, redemption, and restoration.When reading a biblical novel, you become the point of view character—and are transported to a place and time like no other. Places and times where God spoke through angels, a burning bush, and prophets. A place and time where He dwelt among us.

The reader is offered characters they learn to cherish or learn to hate. Through the protagonist’s eyes, the reader must face the shock of the inciting incident, the event that changes his life forever. This compels the reader to join the journey with the hero. They share the suspense of rising stakes, the struggle of impossible situations, the rebellion or regret of wrong choices. They may celebrate a victory with the hero only to learn that the victory was false — the battle was won but the war has been lost. And the defeat is devastating and threatens the future forever. The hero faces a mirror moment and must decide who they are and who they want to become. What will be their source of strength? Will they surrender their self-reliance and striving? Will they come to a surrender that is not a defeat but an eternal victory through the strength and will of the One God who made them in His image?

The author hopes and prays that a powerfully written God-inspired mirror moment will offer the same choice of sacred surrender to the reader. The reader may come face to face with their own pain and shame. They may see a reflection of their own shortcomings and sins which leads to a restoration with the Father, a new birth through the Son, or a much-needed lesson from the Holy Spirit.

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The biblical novel acts as a dramatic devotion that leaves the reader with gratitude and a glimmer of God’s glory and unconditional love.

Why recommend a biblical novel?

Because we are told to make disciples. Many churches use dance, music, and drama to present the gospel. Both movies and television are increasingly a medium to spread the Good News.

Friends and acquaintances may decline an invitation to a church service. They may politely close the door on conversations about God in general or Christ specifically. Recommending a Biblical novel may act as the still, small voice of God. Suggesting a Biblical novel you enjoyed to a friend or book club may act as a creative avenue to spread the Word.

Many years ago, I walked by a Christian bookstore. At that time, I didn’t even know such a place existed. I began to devour both Christian nonfiction and Biblical novels. This led me to a “God appointment” and Scripture. I committed to determine what I believed as an adult, not just what I had been taught as a child.

Friends, family, and acquaintances have expressed interest in my debut biblical novel, A Certain Man, (August 2024, Scrivenings Press). It is my prayer that while reading they will be drawn to a hunger for Scripture and a new or deeper relationship with the Saviour.

Linda Dindzans, M.D. is a writer with the heart of a healer who offers readers stories of redemption and restoration. Though her compelling characters inhabit the treacherous times of the Bible, Linda believes there is nothing new under the sun. The struggles of her characters still speak to hearts today.

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