What’s In Your Corner?

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by Chandra Lynn Smith

Writers are a different sort. If you disagree with me, ask your family what they think. In our family of six, my oldest son, the actor, is often the one who ‘gets it.’ The rest of the family gives me the deer-in-the-headlights stare.

Writers use a specific type of pen, notebook, size lead or ink. WE are not only loyal to the type of computer and writing programs we choose, we can be downright computer snobs. Not to mention how we have our favorite font, size, and spacing; which we use when writing, even if we know we must change the formatting before submission. Many of us can become a writing invalid without the ‘proper’ equipment. Admit it folks, it’s true.

We not only listen to the voices in our heads, we give them names and call them characters. We talk to them, argue with them, and sometimes get mad at them when we don’t like the way they say their story should go. We cry with them and for them, a fact which confuses those who are not writers.

We cringe from our critique partners’ suggestions and decide they probably didn’t read it right. Then, after the tantrum is over we realize if our partners don’t get it, neither will our readers, so we make the changes.

We celebrate the successes of others while entertaining moments of frustration that our turn hasn’t yet arrived.

Writers are a bit quirky. While we may think we keep our little peculiarities secret from the rest of the world, one look at our desks tells a different story. Our writing corners speak, no, shout, to everyone who sees them.

The old TV version of Cinderella had the perfect song. The best line was “In my own little corner, in my own little room, I can be whatever I want to be . . .” Whether it’s a library, a huge study or a desk against the wall, I believe every writer needs a corner.

So, what’s in your corner? Take a moment and look around. My corner has books, pens, my Bible, photos of my family, my turtle and Willow Tree collections. My desk faces the window where I can see the birds at the feeders and watch as the seasons change the look of our old barn. The rocking chair beside the shelves laden with books invites me to sit for a spell. The radio is usually on the station my main character enjoys.

Yes, we are funny people who are made in the image of our most creative God. The Master storyteller, who often went off to a lonely place Himself, gives us this task of telling stories. Therefore we should celebrate our quirkiness, absorb the inspiration and solace of our corners. And, to quote ACFW’s own Susan May Warren, “go write something brilliant.”

Chandra Lynn Smith is a professional dog trainer by trade and a writer by heart. Chandra, a 2015 American Christian Fiction Writers Genesis Contest winner, and the owner of Best Friend Dog Training lives on a small farm in South Central Pennsylvania. Their house is often filled with any combination of the glorious chaos of their two dogs, four sons and spouses, precious six granddaughters, one foster grandson and seven grand-dogs. Her novels: Turtle Box Memories, To Follow a Dream, and To Chase a Dream can be found on Fiction Finder and Amazon.

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