Ten Reasons why I love the American Christian Fiction Writer’s Annual Conference

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From Susan May Warren

(a blog I should have posted on June 10th! Sorry!)

1.      I have conversations with people who don’t look at me strangely when I say things like, “I don’t like the way I killed my villain.  I think I need to do it over.”

2.      I get an opportunity to wear real clothing (and get out of my sweatpants).

3.      I eat three meals/day.  Good, balanced meals.  With dessert, even.  (in other words, I go four entire days without ONE packet of Ramen Noodles!)

4.      I get to sleep through the night without a child patting me on the face saying, Mommy, I can’t sleep/need a drink/had a nightmare. (okay, now that I have teenagers, it’s “Mom, there’s a problem with the car.”)

5.      I learn that I’m not alone – there ARE others who talk to imaginary people as if they’re really there.  (Which they are!)

6.      I get to hang out with my writing buddies who challenge me to write better.  (i.e., Rachel Hauck, Christine Lynxwiler, Susan Downs,  etc.)

7.      I get to wear a fancy dress and feel like a movie star (Yeah, awards night!)

8.      I get to worship God will fellow dreamers.

9.      For four days, I invest in my dream.

10. I know I will come away inspired, energized, enlightened, and amazed that God has allowed me to do what I love for the ONE I love.

Oh, and as an extra bonus, I get to have PIZZA, celebrate with the Frasier Award winner and hang out with the My Book Therapy Voices.  (check THAT out at:  http://pizzaparty.mybooktherapy.com)

What are you waiting for – go sign up!  Now!


See you in Indy!

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