ACFW Author Creatively Helps Haitian Earthquake Victims!

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Guest Author: Michelle Levigne

My newest book in my Tabor Heights, Ohio series was released Monday at Desert Breeze Publishing.

“The Family Way”

In conjunction with the release of “The Family Way,” I’m having a fundraiser to benefit the Salvation Army, with funds earmarked for Haiti relief.

THE FAMILY WAY, a Tabor Heights, Ohio novel

Lisa Montgomery is pregnant, but that happy announcement turns into the trigger that reveals the shaky state of her marriage to Todd. Thanks to his judgmental, domineering father’s influence, Todd’s first words are, “Is it mine?”

As the situation spirals downward, Lisa learns some cruel family secrets. When Todd’s own sisters urge her to leave him, for the sake of the baby and her own mind, Lisa has some hard choices to make. Where is her faith? Where did the love she and Todd shared go? Can Lisa and Todd regain their love, repair their marriage, and break free of some destructive Montgomery family traditions?

During February and March, half the proceeds from ALL Tabor Heights novels will go to the Salvation Army, earmarked for Haiti.


I’m going to have a raffle at the end of March for a fantastic prize:

An ocean motiff set: Spiral notepad, magnetic notepad, notecard/envelope set, coasters, novelty soaps, and scented tealight set, along with a mechanical pencil and refill. All packaged in a seafoam green tote bag with a cosmetic pouch.

How do you earn RAFFLE TICKETS? There are several ways to earn tickets. Just remember 3 important steps:

1- Email the required information to
2- Put FAMILY WAY CONTEST in the subject line
3- Include your postal address so I can mail your prize to you

A: Help me decide if Lisa and Todd are going to have a boy or a girl. Cast your vote by emailing me. This earns you ONE raffle ticket. (One entry per person)

B: Help me choose a NAME for the baby. This earns you ONE raffle ticket. (One entry per person)
At the end of February, I will put the top name suggestions on my blog and ask for a vote — voting will earn you a raffle ticket as well. Check out during February and March for details.

C: Donate to the Salvation Army online and copy me with your electronic receipt. You get ONE raffle ticket for every $20 in donations you make. ($40 = 2 tickets, $60 = 3 tickets, etc.)

D: Buy a Tabor Heights Novel and copy me with your electronic receipt. You get ONE raffle ticket for each book you buy.

EVERYONE WHO ENTERS gets a nice little thank-you package at the end of March — including a bubble gum cigar in pink or blue, depending on whether the vote results in a boy or a girl!

For more information on the fundraiser for the Salvation Army, check out my web site:

I hope you’ll all visit Desert Breeze Publishing and check out all the new titles available this month!

Michelle Levigne

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