A Journey Worth Taking

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By Dan Lewis Campbell

I am a writer. I weave words into stories on pages of white to inspire those who read them. But what if nobody reads them? A haunting question to be sure. I have pondered it more times than I wish to admit, but still I write. When asked why, my answer is always the same. I have words in my head that are screaming to get out.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my short three year journey to be a serious writer, it is this: passion moves me forward through the quitting moments. And I’ve had my share. Rejection is very personal and a hard pill to swallow. If I choose not to grow through the process, I chance missing those teaching moments that often happen in the deepest valley of my journey.

In this big new world of who’s who in writing, I probably don’t come up as a blip on their radar screen . . . yet. And I say that with great optimism and humility. I have so much to learn and so far to go, but I am committed to this journey. With one completed manuscript under consideration by an agent and another book in process and several publications to my credit I hope to be an encouragement to those who are new to this journey-those who are wondering if the journey warrants the commitment.

Are you a writer? Maybe that is a question best answered with a question . . . or two. As you toil with words that bare your soul, is it worth the effort if all you ever touch is one person with those words? I say yes. I believe that words, rightly written, have life changing value-I write with passion, do you? If your answer to these two questions is yes, then you probably are a writer.

I believe that as Christian Writers our words can change the world for good, but only if the stories told are found worthy of the time it takes to read them. I bear the responsibility for the message I present so to qualify me for the title of Wordsmith, I must learn the craft of writing and become the best that I can be. There are dues to be paid to earn my place, and my right to be heard . . . and time, it takes time.

So, this writing thing, is it a journey worth taking? I think so. I trust you do too.

As I have been mentored and encouraged by so many, I wish to do the same. My sincere hope and prayer is that my words lift you up in the valley of your journey, and you find joy in the learning.

Dan CampbellDan Campbell by day is a building contractor and by night he turns words into story. He lives in a place he loves, Seaside, Oregon and from his favorite room with a view of the Pacific he writes, with passion, stories from the heart. Connect with him at www.danlewiscampbell.com

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  1. I think that every writer’s true passion must be to touch people with their words, and I agree that even touching one person is worth all the toil. Thank you so much for your beautiful words of encouragement!

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