Writing with Christmas Passion

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by Dan Campbell

I love Christmas. I’m not sure when it happened or why, but from the time of my earliest memories I have watched in wonder at all the beauty and splendor of the season; the trees, the lights, the tinsel, the snow (oh the snow), the timeless carols, apple cider and eggnog.

I am all grown up, with children of my own-and grandchildren. But I still smile in wide-eyed wonder of Christmas-and for good reason-hope was born in a Child that first Christmas day. And the world would be forever changed. I would be forever changed.

I write about the things I love. So what better than to write about Christmas.

One of our family traditions is the Christmas story, read from the book of Luke by Grandpa (that would be me), on Christmas Eve, to all the children before opening their gifts.

But what if the story became an adventure with each child, name by name, hearing the story, for the first time, with them in it? Now that would be special-so that’s what I did.

Christmas 2012. My first story, a poem, to launch a new tradition of telling the Christmas story to touch the hearts of the ones I love-the children-told in a way that they could understand.

I will begin working on my story for this year in about a week. And with six more children to add to the five from last year, it should make for an interesting writing experience. I am excited for the challenge that each year will bring on this new journey, and humbled by the Christmas message I am allowed to present.

Words are not just words when they can touch the heart of a young child and change a life forever. Maybe that’s the magic of Christmas-maybe that is why I love Christmas so much.

So from my heart to yours enjoy and embrace the first gift of Christmas-Jesus.


Dan CampbellDan Campbell by day is a building contractor and by night he turns words into story. He lives in a place he loves, Seaside, Oregon and from his favorite room with a view of the Pacific he writes, with passion, stories from the heart. Connect with him at www.danlewiscampbell.com

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