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There’s a doctor in the family now. After years of training, studying, interning, pulling double shifts, observing, practicing, and paying, paying, paying, a nephew-in-law is officially a doctor.

I can’t imagine the school loans he’s facing as he takes this step from student to professional. But the investment will be worth it—not because of the salary he’ll earn (it can do little more than chip away at the school loans), but because of his studied ability to offer healing and hope to those under his care.

There’s an author in the family, an author who knows attending the ACFW conference is a tax write-off, but still wonders if it’s worth the cost in time and money.

But the ACFW conference may be the place where that author will gain a new skill, establish an important publishing relationship, and grow in his or her ability to offer healing and hope to the readers under his or her care.

Worth it? The return-on-investment for an author is no more dollar-for-dollar than it is for any other serving, ministering profession. But worth it to communicate better, discover opportunities, gain understanding, make important connections? Yes. Readers are depending on writers who strive for excellence.

Have you registered for the 2019 ACFW conference?

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  1. Looking at life’s bloody end,
    I wonder, was it worth the pain?
    Was I a good mate and friend,
    and would I do it all again?
    The answers come with some despair;
    I failed those that I loved the most
    and didn’t show the needed care,
    leaving them to count the cost.
    Can these ever be set right,
    this catalogue of sad neglect?
    Is there a way through this night,
    to counter my heart’s ill-effect?
    I turn and turn, now at a loss,
    and am prostrate before the Cross.

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