Uplifting Worship

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by Lena Nelson-Dooley

From the very beginnings of ACRW, which is now ACFW, God was in the planning and the growing. The founders were told by other people in the market place that it was nothing short of a miracle the way the organization came together and grew. I believe that, because God touched the hearts of those who started it and gave them supernatural wisdom.

So it’s no wonder that when we come together in a national conference, uplifting worship is an integral part. God is present. The people He has called to write the books He wants written are present, some already published, but some not yet. It’s not His timing for that yet.

When the worship starts, at first it feels just like any service, but as we go along something supernatural happens in our worship. God’s presence becomes so strong, that we really are lifting our worship to Him, glorifying Him.

And He allows us to do it with other people who really understand us. Other authors He’s called together for that specific time.

Some people have been healed in physical ways, emotional ways, and spiritual ways during that worship. And a kinship grows between the authors, agents, and editors that transcends anything in the publishing business. We’re drawn together to worship Him, no matter what church we attend. Our God is the God of individuals. When like minded people come together, the worship is awesome. And I don’t use that word casually. We understand just how awesome our God really is.


Lena Nelson Dooley is a multi-published, award-winning author. She is the current president of DFW Ready Writers, the local Dallas-Fort Worth ACFW chapter. In addition, she has hosted a critique group in her home for over 20 years. More than a dozen authors from that group have become published authors. She writes full time. Lena has been a speaker at ACFW conference, both regional and national. In 2006, ACFW honored her with the Mentor of the Year award. She also has spoken at local ACFW chapters in Texas and Oklahoma. She also speaks at women’s groups and other writing groups.

Lena’s newest release is:

Cranberry Hearts (with Lisa Harris and Beth Goddard) – Romance and Danger in Massachusetts – What will happen when three Massachusetts women find their hourneys home lead them down dangerous paths? Heart and health are on the line when Gerome Mays suspects Leiann Hambrick of stealing from her grandfather, when Ty Lawence’s past shadows his future with Kayla Marceilo, and when Zane Baldwyn discovers that Riley O’Hare’s brother’s death was no accident. Will faith and love pull the women through the dangers?

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