Teacher Tools for the Writer: How to Use Google Forms to Make the Writing Life a Bit Easier

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By Hannah Conway

After eight years away from the classroom, I went back to teaching full-time. World History with Seventh Graders y’all! Pray for me.

My Google searches went from “what does a bullet hole wound look like?” to “Middle school desk seating arrangements”. Now my searches are a strange mix of facts for fiction, and classroom info combined with the occasional how-to’s of a DIY project or some need to know recipe.

As it turns out, Google is much more than a search engine developed for writers to ask our strange, embarrassing, and sometimes gruesome questions in order to write the world’s best, and accurate, novel. Lord knows my Google search history would appear quite worrisome to a non-writer, but I’m in good company, so let’s continue.

Google has not only made my teaching life more effective, but my writing life as well. Through teaching, I discovered an amazing little tool known as Google Forms! Cue angels singing!

Google forms helps me to assess my students, yes, but it has also translated into the writing world where I can easily collect and organize data needed for this industry.


Oh so many.

With Google Forms I’ve been able to gather vital feedback from my Beta Readers, schedule and organize my guest blogger schedule as well as blog tours. With my third novel, Meant to be Broken, set to release in May, I’m currently creating a form for my Advanced Readers/Reviewers. All of the data can be downloaded into a spreadsheet for quick access at my fingertips.

Google Forms offers the writer endless organizational and reader/relationship opportunities.

Want to connect with readers on a deeper level? Use Google Forms to create a fun quiz or guided reading questions based on one of your novels. How about creating a Google Form for readers to submit prayer requests?

Hosting a writing workshop or conference? Use Google Forms to organize attendees and tailor to their workshop experience and requests.

But wait–there’s more! Google Forms already in existence can be shared with other writers to be edited and customized for specific needs.

PRAISE JESUS for this organizational tool!

“How do I get started?” I can almost hear the joy in this request. Glad you asked.

First things first. A Gmail email account is required, so make sure to set that up by going to Gmail.com to begin. Without a Gmail email account there shall be no Google Forms.

“Does it matter if I already have another email address?”

Great question. It’s okay to have another email address–I pretty much collect email addresses. So no worries.

After a Gmail email account has been established:

1: Go to Google Drive (see the video for further instruction)

2: Find Google Forms & begin creating (see video for further instruction)

Simple as that. Okay, so there are a few more steps involved, however, this tool is incredibly easy to work with, and as I’ve stated, quite beneficial for any writer.

Turns out, teacher tools are also writer tools. Who knew?

Another tool, well, more like tip from the teaching world, is ‘never reinvent the wheel’. Meaning, we ‘work smarter not harder’, and ‘sharing is caring’. I could keep these teaching cliché’s going all day.

But seriously, if you’ve seen a Google Form of mine that may be of use to you in some way, let me know. I’m more than happy to send it your way!

I hope this article, testimonial, tutorial has proven helpful!

For more Google Form how-to’s, check out the video tutorial.

Many blessings to you and your family! Have fun making those Google Forms!

Hannah Conway is a military wife, mother of two, author, teacher, and speaker. Her novels, The Wounded Warrior’s Wife and Wedding a Warrior are a deployment experience of their own, threaded with faith, and filled with twists and turns sure to thrill, and encourage. She and her family live in Tennessee. Visit Hannah at www.hannahrconway.com.

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  1. Thank you so much for this information, Hannah! I was unaware of this great tool and am eager to begin using it. Did you provide a link to the tutorial? If so, I could not locate it. Also, I would very much appreciate a sample of the forms you have created for your writing. Again, thank you so very much!

    MaryAnn Diorio

    1. Post
  2. Thanks, Hannah! I used Forms for the first time a couple weeks ago for readers to sign up for my book launch team. I love the data it provides…a pie chart to show which social media team members use most, a list of emails, etc. You gave me some new ideas, though! Thanks!

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