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By Tamara D. Fickas

I’m not a big sports fan. I don’t really follow any of the big sports teams, although I do sometimes root for a team based on being the underdog, or the favored team, or because I like a player. Despite not being into sports, I do love baseball. I managed the baseball team in high school and that started my love for the sport.

This time of year is always a fun time for me. It’s the start of Spring Training and that means the boys will be back on the field soon.

Another season begins to ramp up in these cold, dreary winter months. It’s writing conference season. Facebook is starting to come alive with my writer friends posting about which one they want to attend and who else will be joining them.

Believe it or not, this time of year is kind of like Spring Training for writers. It’s a time to plan and get focused just like the baseball teams are doing right now. Much like ball players, we writers need to get some practice under our belts and figure out what we need to focus on during conference season. The time is now to get ready for the busy conference months.

Most ball teams from the colder regions fly south to warmer climes for Spring Training. Unfortunately, writers don’t always have that same option. So we head to the warm comfort of our home offices, or the pleasant ambiance of our favorite coffee shop. We check out conference web sites to weigh the benefits of each. The calculator comes out and we word folks crunch some numbers to nail down the budget. Conference season takes a lot of planning as we get focused on those months of summer.

The boys of summer take the field and practice pitching, batting, and fielding. They work to perfect their skills. Spring Training is the time to get the muscles back to the routines and plays. All the important activities that will help the team be the best they can be are performed. Meanwhile the writers are limbering up their fingers. They are pulling out contest material and writing pieces to enter into contests or send for critiques. Being ready for conference season is more than just making reservations and heading off. It’s about preparing our writing and getting our writing muscles ready.

Whether you’re a baseball player or a writer, spring is a time of preparation. We have different goals, but we all are working hard to get ready for the big season. All of us are anticipating the fun times on the diamond or in the auditoriums and classrooms. And we’re all hoping that this season we’ll hit one out of the park!

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Tamara Fickas – Christian, storyteller, writer, speaker, encourager. She lives near the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her beloved kitty boy, Wilson. When not writing she loves adventures, time with her dad, reading, and making people laugh. Life experiences, her vivid imagination, coffee, and Hot Tamales fuel her writing. Visit Tamara at www.tamaradfickas.com.



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