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This year will be my fourth conference with ACFW. So far what I’ve learned is to just enjoy the conversation and fellowship with others. If you let God lead you to the right situations where you can share about your work, great! But it’s not life or death if you don’t talk about your book ten times a day. In fact, I spend most of my time listening and observing.

Whatever you do, don’t be late for your appointment and don’t run over and cut into the next person’s time. That’s just rude. Don’t forget to take pictures of your friends for a slide show later. Rotate tables and friends to maximize your conference experience. Make sure to not overeat or your clothes won’t fit by Sunday. Make sure to bid on stuff at the silent auction because it helps to raise scholarship money for members to attend next year’s conference. Also, don’t miss Harp and Bowl or the chocolate party. Those are two events that will stick with you.

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