Mall of America Booksigning Photos

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Here are some photos from the Mall of America ACFW booksigning held on September 20. It was an amazing event. And these photos taken by Kenny Noble do a great job capturing the energy and flows of people. Thanks so much for taking them, Kenny!

Angela Hunt signingAngela Hunt signing a book.Listening to PanelsSome of the crowd listening to the panels.

Lena Nelson Dooley and Celia Dowdy interacting with readers.
More photos of the crowd.

The signers interacting with people. It was a great vehicle to hand out information about our books and introduce people to Christian fiction. Andy McGuire tells about his delightful children’s book.

Kathleen Kovach and Harry Kraus talk to readers.

Don’t you love these overhead shots? What a cool perspective! Love the birds eye view.

Another birds eye view. You can see the stage in the Best Buy rotunda as well as the two rows of tables with authors.

Angela Hunt, Karen Ball, and Brandilyn Collins forming the back up group to James Scott Bell. I do believe they are singing Hairy Man!

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