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Okay, let’s get one thing straight right off the bat:

I’m a little weird. (Some might want to change that to “a lot” weird – like, friends who don’t understand my love for flannel sheets – but that’s an argument for another day.)

I’m a little weird because I’d rather sit around and talk storycrafting than scrapbooking (yeah, not so big on crinkle-cut scissors and stickers). I get far more excited about a sweet story than any athletic event. And I’ve spent almost all my vacation time in the past 12 months on writing retreats!

Thing is, I’ve made a grand discovery in the past year or so…I’m soooo not the only weird one. Imagine my delight when I attended my first writer’s conference last May and came into contact with a few hundred other writers/crazy people. It’s like I’d popped into a room with 300 other Diet Coke with Lime fanatics! The three My Book Therapy retreats I’ve had the joy of attending since October further cemented my “I’m not alone!” feeling.

And this year…this year I get to go to my first ACFW annual conference.

Give me a WOO! Give me a HOO!

‘Cause, holy cow, I hear this conference is the biggest and the best. I’ve shuffled through the list of workshops and continuing education classes, checked out the program schedule and read about the keynote speakers. And I am stoked!

Someone also said they have good food. That’s like the cherry on top. (‘Cept I don’t really like cherries. So, scratch that. It’s like the lime in the Diet Coke. Yeah, I so wasn’t kidding about being a Diet Coke with Lime fanatic.)

I actually asked some writer friends last weekend what to expect at ACFW. One told me about how, just before she was about to head in for one of her editor appointments, an author stopped and prayed with her. Another told me about how much she learned in the classes. Another talked about the incredible friendships she’s built through the years by attending this conference. Yet another said the whole thing was non-stop fun and learning. I’m taking her word for it…

I’ll be there. Maybe you will be, too? If so…look for me. I’ll be the girl with the stars in her eyes and the Diet Coke with Lime can in her hand.

Learn more about the ACFW annual conference here.

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