Interview with Editor Krista Stroever

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Welcome Krista Stroever, senior editor of Steeple Hill to the blog! Thanks for joining us, Krista. I’d like to talk about the upcoming ACFW conference in September.

Robin: You’ve attended various conferences over the years. In your opinion, what makes ACFW’s conference stand out from the others?

Krista: Few of the conferences I attend (with the exception of some of the trade shows) are exclusively Christian fiction & romance. It’s refreshing to attend a conference with people who are doing what I do!

Robin: Any advice you’d like to offer to a 1st time conference attendee?

Krista: Relax! Honestly—most people are so nervous themselves about attending that they won’t even notice anything you do! Also, take notes and accept that it’s just not possible to attend everything.

Robin: As an editor taking appointments, what do you look for most in a new author?
An established author?

Krista: In a new author, I look for the fact they’re querying me on a complete manuscript, a sense of their book’s hooks, a concise keynote, and a knowledge of what my house publishes.

In an established author, I look for the latter 3 items, as well as a strong sales track record, info on their marketing/promotional/subrights history and an exciting new project.

Robin: Some people have said an editor will request something from each appointment they have at a conference–simply because it’s easier to reject via snail mail rather than face-to-face. What’s your stand on this?

Krista: I can’t speak for all editors, so it may certainly happen, but as several prospective authors can tell you, I have rejected projects not suitable for my house right at the appointment. There’s no point in my wasting your time.

Robin: Can you share with the bloggers some specifics of what Steeple Hill, and you in particular, are looking for now?

Krista: The biggest opportunities for new authors lie in the Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense and Love Inspired Historical lines. We’re looking for strong character-driven romances and are particularly eager for new talent in the romantic suspense genre.

For the Steeple Hill women’s fiction line, we prefer established authors.

We are not looking for chick-lit for the Love Inspired line from new authors, and we are sufficiently inventoried in cozies.

Robin: What are you looking forward to the most about the upcoming conference?

Krista: Fellowship! (And great new projects, of course.)

Robin: We’ve all shared the horror stories of worst pitches, stalking of agents/editors, and most horrible moment. What BEST moment of an ACFW conference can you tell us about?

Krista: The best moments are when you get to reconnect with authors you work with, but don’t have the chance to see every day.

Robin: Thank you so much for stopping by and giving of your time to answer my
questions. I look forward to seeing you in September!

Krista: My pleasure!

Robin here: So, you haven’t registered for the ACFW conference yet? What’re you waiting for? Go. Now. Here. Register. You’ll feel better!

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