Forty Days of Prayer – Day 25

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Day 25–For technology at the conference to work

I Cor. 14:33a–For God is not a God of confusion.

Lord, You are not a God of disorder or confusion. You bring order from chaos, and light from darkness. In this age we depend so much on technology; our computers, laptops, projectors, DVDs, microphones, mp3’s, sound systems, lights, etc. Father, we ask that they all work as they were planned so that the speakers can present their information, and listeners glean what they need from the presentations.

But we also ask, Lord, that if something should fail, that you bring order from chaos and shed your light and your grace over everything. In all things, may you be glorified.

We ask in the name of Jesus, the light that shines in darkness, the one who brings order to our world.


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