Can God Use Your Writing?

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By Tammie Fickas

Can God use you for His glory? Do you ever wonder about that? Writers are often their own worst critics, and the enemy loves to capitalize on that. He can get your thoughts all tied up in knots until you are certain that your life has nothing of value to offer in written word, and that God would never use someone as insignificant as you.

Sound familiar? From what I’ve heard from other writers, it happens, even to the best of us. Unfortunately for me, it’s all too familiar. I was surprised recently when I heard that a multi-published and award-winning author had doubts about their own writing at times. It may be that this is part of God’s way of keeping us humble. When we lean on our own words and plans, we may not offer much, but when we let God take control, things begin to look up.

Throughout history, God has used the most unlikely of people to spread his message and share his love. Remember Moses? In Exodus 4, God is sending Moses to Pharaoh to implore him to let God’s people go. God has just gone through showing Moses that with His power, Moses could turn a staff into a snake, turn his hand leprous and clean again, and change water from the Nile into blood. And still Moses responds, “Pardon your servant, Lord. Please send someone else.”

Oh my, I can relate to Moses at that point in time. I think many of us can. The task seems so big and foreboding, and surely God doesn’t think little old you can handle it. Could He?

Sure, God can get His message across through someone else, but if He has chosen you, there is a reason. When I read this Bible story, I came to the words in verse 14 “Then the Lord’s anger burned against Moses…” God did relent and let Aaron deliver the message, but He wasn’t happy.

As we battle doubts about our abilities to write eloquently and spread God’s message, we need to remember God’s anger.  He did give Moses what he wanted, but not without cost. Moses felt God’s anger at his choice. God had given Moses the ability to do this particular assignment. He coached him and encouraged him, then Moses chickened out. He didn’t trust his God given authority. If God has given you the gift of writing, He has also given you the authority to do so.

My friend and mentor, Jim Rubart, sat across from me one day as we were discussing my writing and said, “You need to believe that you have the authority to tell your story.” That conversation reminded me that I am the only one who can share the lessons learned from my life, just as you’re the only one who can share your wisdom. While our stories may be similar, the way we’ve lived them out is different. In that difference comes our individual right and privilege to join God ministering to others.

The enemy is always going to try to get you off track. He relishes the idea of you not believing in yourself or the talent the Lord has instilled in you. As a Christian writer, our fight needs to be against that lie so God may pour out His blessing through our words. We will never be exactly like our favorite writer, but that doesn’t mean that our writing doesn’t worth and purpose Believe in yourself and your story. Keep fighting the good fight and trust God in His decision to send you.

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Tammie Fickas loves a good story. A former columnist for the Broken but Priceless magazine, she also has an essay in the anthology, God’s Provision in Tough Times. Tammie loves Jesus, her daddy, her sassy cat, Wilson, corny jokes, and encouraging people to step out to experience abundant life.








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  1. Tammie, thanks so much for sharing! I really needed to hear this. You hit the nail right on the head! It’s spiritual battle I often struggle with—and not just in writing.

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