Are you Courageous?

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By Molly Jebber

Are you courageous?

Are you struggling to find the courage to do something Jesus Christ is asking you to do?

I can empathize. Courage is hard sometimes.

I was a Director for Pharmaceutical Research, and I needed a change. Jesus Christ had been pricking my conscience to seek a new job for many reasons. But I was the only source of income for my daughter and myself. I didn’t have the courage to search. I’d been with these hospitals for twenty-four years. I was stepping out of my comfort zone. Would I have to take a pay cut?

Then this verse, Deuteronomy 31:6, reminded me to have faith and move forward. Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. This verse reminded me to utilize my faith in Jesus Christ and muster up the courage I needed. I turned off my work phone, and I met with four recruiters that morning. I was stunned they were free to meet me without an appointment. And then I smiled. Why? Jesus Christ had already paved the way.

One recruiter said I could interview with a Design/Build Firm. They needed a contract manager who was willing to manage the office staff and represent the company on the Business Development committee of Associated Builders and Contractors. I was a little intimidated by the position, but I went for the interview. I was expecting a trailer out in the middle of a construction site. Thankfully, they had beautiful offices. The owner and architect hired me, and I was offered my present salary. I was shocked. As the years went by, the pay increases were much more than I would’ve made at the hospitals. I loved every aspect of the job, and I wished I’d been courageous enough to make the move sooner.

In my new release, Hannah’s Courage, releasing January 28, 2020, Hannah must be courageous in several instances throughout the story. There’s many times I have to be courageous in speaking engagements and facing life challenges. It inspired me to write Hannah’s Courage and show how she struggles much like us when facing life’s challenges.

Maybe you need courage to change your job, apologize to a family member or friend, or to serve the Lord with your talents. Pray for the courage to make it happen. If it’s Jesus Christ’s will for your life, He will pave the way for you. He just needs you to exercise your faith in Him. I hope I’ve helped you today by sharing my experience.

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Molly Jebber is an award-winning Amish Historical Romance author whose books have received worldwide media attention. They’ve made Publisher’s Weekly Best Ten List, received near excellent ratings from RT, and featured in USA HEA. She’s a national speaker for Women’s Christian Connection, and guest lecturer at Ohio State University, libraries & conferences on writing, publishing, & marketing. Visit her at




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  1. I seek new courage every day
    through the tumours’ pain,
    for it’s so quickly washed away
    like snow beneath the rain.
    I find my brave in beauty,
    sparks rising from the fire-logs
    and in the heart of duty,
    care for lost and frightened dogs.
    Courage is a process,
    it’s not a place or thing
    and in its use come losses
    that clip and break its wings,
    but when bravery’s own fears you quell
    you’ll find that it will serve you well.

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