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Angela Breidenbach here with some fun tidbits about arriving and departing for ACFW conference via the open, airy Indianapolis Airport. I’ve traveled widely and found this particular airport to be friendly, accessible, entertaining, and even better comfortable!

The free wi-fi worked immediately with my laptop while other airports charged fees or had super slow connections, I managed to knock out quite a volume of work that needed internet. Lots of chairs and a peek around a few poles revealed easy access to power plugs.

Restaurants were plentiful, open, and catered to every budget. Each terminal had nearly the same offerings but quite a variety. I loved that the coffee bar was at the end of the terminal too where I waited. No long, long walks to get my very lovely latte 🙂

Shops with smiling, happy attendants filled with every travel convenience and souvenir readily available for those last minute treats we all take home to children and grandchildren.

But the icing on the sugar cookie for me was the…wait for it…oh it’s delectable…travel massage shops! Affordable and brilliantly located at the top of each terminal. I stopped in to ask a few questions and found myself surrounded by more smiling people. The manager came over to meet me and offered to give me any help I needed to tell you about the travel massage available to our conference attendees. Rates were very reasonable and included anything from a 10 minute to much more full service selections. What impressed me was again the friendliness. Imagine yourself after conference. The rush, the nerves, and the fatigue. Stop in and let that all be massaged away (feet too) so you go home relaxed, refreshed, and rested. 🙂

Here’s a link to all the shops and options for restaurants as well as directions.

Isaak offers superior service

Royal Limousine is a town car and stretch limo service owned by a genuine service oriented soul named Isaak. He’s fun to talk to during the drive, serves your need with bags and transportation, and does it with a joyful heart. His story is amazing. Be sure to get to know him!

Very affordable rates that made sharing a town car comfortable and rivaled the taxis for price. Find him here: for online booking and 317.529.8040 by phone. 24 hour service, excellent value!

It’s uncomfortable in many airports around the country/world. Cramped and boring is definitely not going to be the issue in this city. You will enjoy your time in the Indianapolis Airport.

See you soon,

Angela Breidenbach

PR Officer, ACFW

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  1. Angela,

    I would like to personally thank you for the wonderful write up on Royal Limo. This article was just brought to my attention on 6/19/2013. Please contact me when you are back in town for the conference, my company would be delighted to take care of you.

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