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This week I’m privileged to highlight another wonderful ACFW volunteer who puts in a lot of time helping the organization. Nora St. Laurent oversees our ACFW Book Club with over 1500 members. Each month the book club discusses two books in a selected category. She and her assistants organize these two monthly book discussions, review the book for our ezine, run the polls for the upcoming selections and moderate the loop.

Nora is quick to answer any questions from the loop members and to support the authors she features in the book club.

Nora, I want to thank you for all your hard work.

Margaret Daley
ACFW President

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  1. THANKS MARGARET!! I’ve learned so much being part of this book club and the ACFW organization. My love to Christian Fiction has deepened! I consider it a privilege to work with you Margaret and the team of volunteers that help me run the book discussions on the ACFW On-Line Book Club Loop! I’m thankful to get to know so many talented authors as well! Thanks for the opportunity!


    Nora 😀

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