ACFW Conference Prayer – For the Technology to Work (Day 25)

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ACFW Conference Prayer – For the Technology to Work

1 Corinthians 14:33a–For God is not a God of confusion.

Father God, we are grateful for the gift of technology and its uses in our lives. We ask that the technology work smoothly at conference, that You would hold off all glitches and malfunctions. We know You are not a God of confusion and that You want to bless us through the presentations. Please let us avoid any frustration so both teacher and listener can best hear from You. Amen.

Written by Erin Mifflin

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  1. All the bytes that have me bitten,
    all the Powers I have pointed,
    all the .docs that I have written
    (does .docx mean it’s anointed?);
    I’m supposed to understand the tech
    (an engineering doctorate, after all),
    but so often, What the heck?
    the computer’s in the devil’s thrall.
    I swear sometimes they are possessed
    (well, they are, by Microsoft)
    because of the sophomoric zest
    by which they update, and Ha, Ha, OFF!
    Some days I am really torn,
    to go back to abacus and cuneiform.

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