ACFW Conference Prayer: For the Conference Treasurer (Day 14)

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ACFW Conference Prayer: For ACFW’s Conference Treasurer, Pam Hillman (Day 14)

Psalm 66:1-2–Shout joyfully to God, all the earth; Sing the glory of His name; Make His praise glorious.

Dear Lord, thank you for conference treasurer, Pam Hillman. She’s taken on this complex task. We ask that every dollar available makes this year’s conference exactly what Your plan intends it to be. May there be generous funding to reward the speakers and teachers, and a surprisingly large amount for scholarships to the next conference, that more writers may give you glorious praise because of Your provision.


Written by Heidi Dru Kortman

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  1. Money matters are a pain,
    and we really thank you, Lord,
    for those with skills arcane,
    who tell us what we can afford.
    The bread is Yours, anyway,
    and stewards are all we be,
    so help us guide each penny
    to raise high Your bright Glory.
    Bless the keeper of the books
    in patient wisdom, and in grace
    that no scholarship need be forsook,
    and each speaker has a place.
    But most of all, in moving cash,
    let there be no hard-drive crash.

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