ACFW Conference Prayer: For the Conference Staff (Day 27)

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ACFW Conference Prayer – For the Conference Staff

1 Thessalonians 1:3a Constantly bearing in mind your work of faith and labor of love…

Just a few members of ACFW’s Conference Staff

Almighty God, Thank you for our Conference Staff as they work on the myriad of details to create a successful 2019 conference. Through the remaining days of preparation, may the staff find encouragement through Your strength, mercy, and grace. Grant each one faith to carry all plans through to completion, and love to push them forward when overwhelmed. All and only through You. In the beautiful name of Jesus, Amen.

Written by PJ Gover

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  1. For those who work behind the scenes,
    dear Lord, we offer prayer;
    their effort kindles others’ dreams,
    enabled by their care.
    They truly are Martha’s kin,
    as described in Kipling’s ode,
    for whom failure’s gravest sin,
    and efficiency’s grace bestowed.
    Perhaps, perchance, you’ll see them,
    but you won’t know their names.
    They’re as a watch’s winding stem,
    making right what the hands proclaim.
    The connexion you make may lead to glory,
    but unseen hands helped pen the story.

    The Kipling reference is to his poem, “The Sons Of Martha”.

  2. Praying for the staff and for all prayer requests. May God’s will prevail at this year’s conference, and may lives be deeply touched with His fire to proclaim the Gospel through the written word.

    Love and Blessings,

    MaryAnn Diorio

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