ACFW Conference Prayer: For the Agents at Conference (Day 30)

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ACFW Conference Prayer – Agents at the Conference

Let me hear Your lovingkindness in the morning; for I trust in You. ~ Psalm 143:8a

We pray for the agents at this year’s conference. May they have time to listen to Your voice even amongst the busyness. They may feel pulled in every direction. Give them divine appointments for gaining clients or simply giving encouragement and necessary feedback. Bless them with health and energy so they can help writers get Your Word out in story form. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Written by Jenni Heeren

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  1. This prayer is for the agents,
    for each poor benighted soul
    besieged by writing vagrants
    to fulfill a saviour’s role.
    “Pretty please, O, represent me!
    You’ve seen nowt like me before,
    words of grace, plots of beauty;
    really, who could ask for more?”
    But the agent’s need’s astute,
    and can never be too rash
    to fall for writing, perhaps cute
    that is still commercial trash.
    It’s so hard to say, well, NO,
    with career’s worth of them to go.

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