ACFW Conference Prayer: Finances for Those Attending (Day 33)

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ACFW Conference Prayer – Finances for those attending

Psalm 121:2–My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

Heavenly Father, You are our God, the God who provides. Nothing is too hard for you, so we come to you in faith as hungry little children come to the dinner table expecting good food to be there, and ask that You would provide the finances for those attending conference this year.

Bless them abundantly so that they may confidently attend and still have enough to meet their financial needs at home.

We wait to see how You will do this, knowing that You will. Help us be aware of the ways You offer your providence. We thank You now, even before we receive it, for You are worthy of our praise.  Amen.

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  1. Lord, these conferences cost money,
    and I sure could use a hand
    to keep my banker’s mien sunny;
    Lord, I know you understand!
    While I’d like to fly first-class
    and keep my lodgings at the Ritz,
    coach is where I’ll park my…uh, bum,
    and then head for Motel Six.
    I’d love to dine at conference venue,
    hobnobbing, and that sort of thing,
    but LOOK, the prices on the menu,
    and I’m off to Burger King.
    And when I’m back, with some luck,
    stop at long-term parking, spring my truck.

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