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Guest post Alice J. Wisler

Ever since the death of my four-year-old in 1997, I’ve been promoting writing through grief and sorrow. In addition to teaching workshops at conferences and retreats, I also offer an online course called Writing the Heartache. The course is for anyone who has experienced the death of a significant loved one. The next class starts February 22 and sign-up is easy at my website:

One woman said the death of her husband caused her horrific nightmares, but ever since writing via my classes,
the nightmares have ceased. No wonder I believe writing is such a gift from God.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from the tool of writing through pain to healing and hope, please refer them to this online opportunity. The cost is just $30 for five weeks.

~ Alice J. Wisler
All from Bethany House: RAIN SONG (Christy Finalist 2009),
and (coming in October) HATTERAS GIRL

Alice J. Wisler
All from Bethany House: Rain Song (Christy Award Finalist 2009), How Sweet It Is, & Hatteras Girl
Designer of Remembrance Cards
Cookbook Author
Writing Instructor

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