40 Days of Prayer: Day 32

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Day 32:

Topic: Brandilyn Collins as she emcees

Psalm 66:16–Come and hear, all who fear God, And I will tell of what He has done for my soul.

Papa God,

We’re here to talk with You about Your daughter, our sister and friend, Brandilyn Collins. You’ve given her such a keen mind, a hilarious sense of humor, and an outgoing personality. And, Papa, sometimes, when she’s serving in her position as emcee of the convention, it seems as if You have given her limitless energy, as well. But we know, Lord, that only You are limitless in anything, so we know that whether we see it or not, Brandilyn gets tired.

So we ask that you lift her up and remind us to lift her up as she serves as the emcee. Renew her strength and guard her health. Bless and strengthen her immune system. Help her to make healthy choices and to get adequate sleep. Give her discernment in the demands on her time, to differentiate between divine appointments and “snake trails,” where the enemy would try to distract her from Your agenda.

As she makes the information we need available to us, help her to say the important things in ways that we will find memorable, to say the hard things in ways that fall gently on our hearts. And as she fulfills her duties, may she speak, always, through the filter of Your love, and for Your glory.

We, who craft our words in the service of Your Word, pray it all in the Name of Your Son, Jesus, the Living Word.


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