40 Days of Prayer: Day 3

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Day 3

Nancy Kress and the Early Bird Session
Proverbs 2:2–Make your ear attentive to wisdom, incline your heart to understanding.

Father, we thank you for blessing of Nancy as she comes to ACFW to sow the talents you’ve given her into others. I pray for her time to be multiplied as she prepares for the conference, safety as she travels, and rest the night before. I ask for wisdom to teach and the ability to communicate clearly. I pray that all of her responsibilities at home while she travels are handled without any issues to distract her while teaching.

Father, you said if any man lacks wisdom to ask. We are asking for wisdom and understanding as we apply ourselves to become better writers, communicators and ambassadors for you. I pray for clarity of thought, and the ability to concentrate on what you want us to learn at this session. May we soak up the wisdom and understanding and apply it right away.

Thank you, Father. In Jesus’ name, we give thanks!

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