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Good morning all of you fellow writers-some published, some working toward being published.

God blessed you when He called you to write. Some write fiction, some non-fiction, but all members of ACFW fill their pages, their stories, with the love of God. He loved us so much, He sent His Son to die and live again so that we could be saved and live for eternity with Him in Heaven. What a gift!!

Inside each of us, we have a passion that was placed in us by The Lord, for writing. Isn’t it awesome we get to use our words to glorify Him? One thing I know for sure, if your plans are to lift Him up, you will succeed. How do I know this? His Word says so…and He never lies. Proverbs 16:3 (NIV) – Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. You can’t ask for a more assured promise that your writing will succeed. He gave you this passion and He wants you to use it to glorify Him…and He will cause your writing to succeed. Great is His blessings.

Not only can we glorify God in our fictional stories of all genres, our poems, our devotions, and any other way God has lead you to write, we can glorify Him in our daily walk. In fact, He wants that.

How do we do this, you ask? I mean, man, not all of us get to write full time for a living, you say. Some of us hold down a 9-5 full-time job in this messed up world of reality. Some of us have to write every free moment we get, and keep the house clean, feed our spouse and children. When would we have the time to serve God in our everyday life?

That’s the great thing. We aren’t all called to be pastors, where the job is intended to glorify God. As believers, we are called to serve Him and others in whatever job we’re called to do. We should be ready and willing to serve our co-workers. Be willing to help them in anyway they might need help that you know of and is in your power to give. Sometimes it’s not a co-worker, it’s the man or woman checking you out at the fast food drive-through or the grocery clerk. They may just need a smile, or a word of encouragement. We can all do this. AND guess what? When we do, we’ve served someone in the Name of The Lord…and He is pleased.

Now get back to work…ha-ha. Have a great day!! And week!! And life!!

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