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by Lynn Hobbs

Ever consider writing a 50,000 word novel in thirty days? Without pausing to edit, your creativity continues as new dialogue and plots are recorded to expand your imagination and story. Or at least it did for me in 2011. I joined the National Novel Writing Month at NanNoWriMo.org and along with many others, I won. You are encouraged to complete a set amount of words each day in order to complete your goal of 50, 000 words in thirty days and having a completed novel.

Keep in mind those thirty days include Thanksgiving. Most prepare Thanksgiving dinner and enjoy family get-togethers. This includes cleaning, setting the table, and in my case, locating and unboxing the Jim Shore Thanksgiving centerpiece with orange pumpkin and homey pilgrims.

As in any endeavor, obstacles can arise. I made it through the holidays and completed the novel. No, I’m not patting myself on the back. I’m merely stating that with any goal you cannot give up. If anything, determination kicks in stronger if you encounter a setback.

There are numerous other goals to reach in writing.

I recently completed writing a series of three books with one major goal in mind. I wanted readers to have a clear understanding of a Christian viewpoint by the actions of my main character. I wanted her to face modern family issues, and grow in faith. I would also enter appropriate scriptures from the Bible without being ‘preachy.’ This in itself can be a major goal because I wanted her to draw strength from God’s word as naturally as taking in another breath of fresh air. The series is now published, and I am pleased with the results.

Another type of goal I am presently working on deals with my fourth novel. In this one, a stand-alone book, I have completed research and am excited about the material. I began writing weeks ago, and I want to include a personal phrase from one of my family members, either a parent or grandparent. I want it to blend in smoothly with casual dialogue that will leap from the page as something readers will remember. Not a cliché or regional slang, something with substance.

No one will realize where it came from, but my family will recognize and treasure it. I have several in mind and love the task of weaving it into a character’s situation that will flow easily forward.

Words are creative and can also be a goal in how powerful they are delivered and received in dialogue.

One of the best goals is to continue learning the writing craft. We are truly never too old to learn and it is always changing. Workshops are valuable, either by attending in person or online.

I was recently taught how to create ads on social media for your own book marketing. It was overwhelming at first, entirely too technical, until it became my new goal. Now, it is routine.

Challenge yourself, have fun with your goals, and keep writing!

Lynn HobbsLynn Hobbs is the award-winning author of the Running Forward Series; a powerful faith and family saga published by Desert Coyote Productions.
Book one: Sin, Secrets, and Salvation
Book two: River Town
Book three: Hidden Creek.
You can find Lynn on Amazon: Lynn Hobbs Author Page, Facebook: Lynn Hobbs Author Page, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Twitter: @LynnHobbsAuthor and her
Website: http://www.LynnHobbsAuthor.com.

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