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Why are there so many posts about ACFW’s national conference? Because we love conference time. Because we believe in the dreams of our members. And we want to provide a place for face-to-face learning, meeting with editors and agents, and participating in worship and prayer time with friends and fellow writers who are also pursuing their dreams.

Everything you need to know about ACFW’s National Conference is here. We want you to be a part of it.

However, we know that attending conference is not possible for everyone. So, here’s an opportunity, until Friday, to win the conference recordings from the 2019 ACFW Conference. This is your chance to hear and learn from the teachings at conference, and all you need to do is share.

Help us spread the word about the conference. Our best advertising for the conference is you. Whether you’ve attended a past ACFW conference or not, and even if you already plan to attend in September in San Antonio, you can help other people hear about the conference, people beyond the scope of ACFW’s reach.

You know other authors. You have friendships with other writers and aspiring writers. Within your circle of acquaintances are those who dream of becoming writers but don’t yet know about ACFW. And they may not have told you of their dream.

So we’re enlisting your aid for the sake of those who can benefit from all the conference has to offer.

Once you’ve promoted the conference on social media with the hashtag #2019acfw with a sentence or two that encourages fiction writers to consider attending, you’ll then be eligible for the Rafflecopter giveaway for an mp3 recording of all* the 2019 conference workshops, spotlights, and panels. (*Note that one or two of the workshops may be copyright protected by the instructor and not included.)

Here’s the giveaway link via Rafflecopter for you:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you for “listening,” and for participating in our “let’s get the word out” promotion.



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  1. My dreams, like me, are dying,
    but I believe in you.
    I watch you gamely trying,
    and know you’ll see it through.
    Don’t listen to the doubting voices
    that try to fill your head
    with other and far lesser choices;
    pursue your heart instead.
    The Lord has made your face unique,
    though reflecting of His own;
    with His help, go ye and seek
    what can be done by you alone.
    Fulfill that with which you’ve been charged,
    and He will see your grace enlarged.

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