Writers Write!

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by Lillian Duncan

Writers write!

For most of us, we don’t make a living from our writing. For you that do, congratulations. For the rest of us, what happens when a crisis comes? Can we justify the time, money, and emotional effort writing takes away from your family and/or the current crisis?

To answer that question, it’s important to remember there will always be another crisis, another problem, another reason to take you away from your writing.

Since I’ve joined ACFW, I’ve seen this topic come up in different forms numerous times on the loop. How do I respond when family or friends treat my writing time as unimportant? How do I find the time to write? How do I meet deadlines when life gets messy? How do I get past writer’s block? How do I deal with the first or the hundredth rejection?

For me the answer is simple.

Ignore _________ and keep writing.
(fill in the blank with your reason)

To become a writer means making a commitment. To become a published writer means making a bigger commitment. And the first commitment has to be to take time to do it. Of course, there are times when writing gets pushed aside for a day or two and that’s perfectly acceptable.

But writers write.

As I write this, my husband is facing a triple bypass in a few days. We only found out yesterday and it came as quite a shock. But I spent the morning writing guest blogs that I’d already committed to doing. I knew if I could not do them, everyone would be gracious.

But writers write.

God gives us the desire and talent to be writers but to become a writer we must not only make the commitment but follow through on it. Most people won’t understand my advice and some may even disagree vehemently, but writers will get it. It’s not always easy or fun….

But writer’s write.

Lillian Duncan writes stories of faith mingled with murder and mayhem. To learn more about her writing and her books, visit her at www.lillianduncan.net or www.lillianduncan.wordpress.com. DECEPTION (published by HarbourLight Books) is her latest release.

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  1. I think this is great advice and just the encouragement writers need! It is hard to write each day, to ignore the demands of daily life to lose ourselves in the world of make-believe, but it is so worth it to be able to serve God with the talent He has given.

    I struggle with this frequently but am continually improving, so thanks for the tidbit of inspiration 🙂

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