Where Are You Going?

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By Lillian Duncan

Hebrews 11:8 says, “By faith, Abraham when called to go to a place he would later receive his inheritance obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.” This verse should speak to every writer, every artist, every dreamer out there.

God gives us dreams, but like Abraham we don’t know where those dreams or our efforts will lead us. A few of us will become bestselling authors. Others will struggle to find a publisher. Others will create their own path to the dreams.

We don’t know where our writing journey will take us. And that can be a scary thing. Why does it have to be so hard? It would be nice if God calls us to write and then we all become bestselling authors with no worries in life.

Unfortunately, God doesn’t usually work that way. Instead, God wants us to have faith in Him. One way to show that faith is to obey even when we don’t know where we’re going, how we’ll get there, or what the final destination even is.

Abraham did that and God blessed his faith in a mighty way.

It took me fifteen years to get my first traditional publishing contract. Had I known it would take that long, would I have kept trying? Mmmm. I’m not sure. Which demonstrates one of the reasons why God wants us to have faith in Him instead of in our own works and plans.

Following your dreams can be a long, difficult road. If you knew ahead of time of all the obstacles, detours and change of plans, you might give up before the journey’s end.

I may not know the answer to whether I would have kept going had I known how long it would take, but I do know that I’m glad I didn’t quit. I may not be making a million dollars from my writing, but I’m writing books that people like to read.

And that makes me happy. I believe I’m right where God wants me to be and that, my writer friend, is a wonderful place to be!

Lillian DuncanLillian Duncan writes stories of faith mingled with murder & mayhem! She is multi-published and writes the types of books she loves to read-fast-paced suspense with a touch or two of romance that demonstrates God’s love for all of us. Whether as an educator, a writer, or a speech pathologist, she believes in the power of words to transform lives, especially God’s Word.To learn more about Lillian and her books, visit: www.lillianduncan.net. Tiaras & Tennis Shoes is her personal blog at www.lillian-duncan.com.

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