When There’s Nothing…There is God

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By Jerri Kelley

For weeks now I have been trying to write this blog. I have sat at my computer, tapped keys, erased words, left with nothing done. Prayed some more only to hear quiet. It is a privilege to write for each of you, and I want to offer you something worth reading, and instead, I have nothing.

Maybe you are so gifted and experienced at your craft that “nothing” never happens to you, but maybe you are like me. Sometimes your cup overflows so fast you can’t keep up, and sometimes, well, sometimes there is nothing.

I asked simply, “Lord, what do I say when there is nothing?”

I heard very simply, “Tell them:

“I am for you. I see you. I see you lying in your bed at night, sitting in your chair in the darkness waiting for the light of words. I know your thoughts of playing through plots and smithing your sentences. I know the way things tumble through your mind and seem to fall through like sand because nothing is working. I know. I see. I see you in your car at the red lights, waiting to pick up your kids, on those stretches of autopilot road. I see your gaze looking beyond the worldly into the world your words build. I know how much you want to write the best possible story. I know all these things. I want you to know I am for you. I am for your success. I am for your story. Everything you are seeking is in me. Seek me first. That perfect sentence you are seeking is on my lips. That perfect plotline is in my mind. Seek me and my kingdom, and all these things will be given to you.”

Father God, I seek you for the words to offer each author reading this. I seek your heart for them and your words of direction, encouragement, and hope. I know some of them are feeling the discouragement of blank pages and some of them are facing the shock of dropped contracts. Some are facing the struggles of personal trials and the loss of relationships and loved ones. Some are so overwhelmed by everything coming at them that they wonder if they missed you and if this writing gig is even for them. Some have just come off a successful book and are wondering what to write now and can they do that again.

Father, for each of these writers, I ask you to show them how to move deeper into you. Show them how to seek you with their heart, soul, mind, and strength. Show them how to rest in you by actively seeking you. Lead them to the scriptures you want to meld into their being. Lead them to the song that they put on repeat so it rewires their understanding of you, salvation, and grace. Lead them into the place where you address the roots of emotions and things they don’t want to write about or say. Show them the places to walk, run, camp, have coffee where you want to commune with them. Bring every part of them into you. Give them you, not for the purpose of a book manuscript, but for the purpose of intimacy. We are writers. It is who we are, and the place to become most us is when we are most lost in you.

Thank you for your faithfulness, Lord, for your desire for us. You are the most amazing romance, adventure, suspense, mystery story, and adventure ever. We worship you. Amen.

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Hi! I’m Jerri Kelley. I’m a writer, speaker, encourager, inspirer, and Jesus-lover. If you ever need a reminder of who you are or whose you are, I’m your girl. If you ever need to know you’re strong, you’re needed, you’re valuable, or you’re enough, I’ve got coffee. Let’s talk.

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