What’s the Color of Love?

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by Ifueko Ogbomo @inspirologos

I love LOVE! As a poet and historical romance novelist, love inspires most of my storytelling, so it’s a subject I often ponder. (It definitely inspired my award-winning debut novel—A Divine Romance—which was released one year ago, today!) I’m admittedly a romantic at heart, but I daresay even the least romantically inclined individuals are forced to think about love today—it’s Valentine’s Day! 🙂 Everywhere in sight, romantic reminders assault our eyes: from ads about flowers, chocolate, and romantic getaways, to couples kissing on the streets. Undoubtedly, the business of love is making maximum profits today. But did you ever wonder what the color of love is? I heard some friends playfully debating this very question. The argument became ladies versus gentlemen as multiple answers came forth, the top two being red and blue. Pondering that debate a little further in my quiet time later that day, I penned my thoughts and as is typical for me, the result was a poem:

A dozen red roses, perfectly scented, handpicked and delivered to your door

Champagne on ice, served with juicy strawberries, who wouldn’t ask for more?

The lady in the fiery red dress—every curve accentuated

You ask her name, she slowly leans over and whispers, “Call me Devon…”

With a perfect manicure, 6-inch heels, and shimmering red lips to match

You think to yourself, ‘Man, I’ve died and gone to heaven!’

Salsa caliente! Two bodies moving as one

To the rhythm of the congas and the beat of the drum

Oh the passion—you forget that you’ve only just met

Your heart’s racing as you break out in a sweat

What’s the color of love?

Some say, flaming hot RED!

 6-foot plus, a six-pack to match, funny and charming too

Cool, calm, and collected, and he’s got his eye on you

The perfect gentleman, opens doors for you, and says “I’m sorry” when he’s wrong

Listens to every word you say, and girl, he even remembers your favorite song

With a smile so warm it melts your heart, and you know you can’t say “No”

To that beautiful baritone voice saying, “Baby, I just called to say hello”

You’re the envy of your friends, they say he’s too good to be true

It’s only been three dates but in your heart you know he’s the man for you!

What’s the color of love?

Others say, simply true BLUE!

 What’s the color of love? That depends; what’s love to you?

I know a Love, one that is true—gentle and so mild

It’s loyal and trusting, like the innocence of a child

It’s patient and kind, not known for pride, malice, or greed

It’s pure in thought, in motive, in word, and in deed

Selflessly putting others first, it seems somewhat maternal

But taking a closer look, you see it’s much more; called ‘Agape’ it’s eternal

What’s the color of love? Some say “Red”, others “Blue”, there’s no need to fight

Ask any blushing bride and she’ll probably say, “The color of love is WHITE!”

 “But does love really have a color?” You may be asking

Yes, and I’ll show you right after you answer these questions:

What’s the color of a starving family, getting a hot meal from a stranger?

Of nakedness clothed in beauty, or being rescued from intense danger?

What’s the color of complete guilt deserving of judgement, instead receiving mercy and grace

You’re dreading disdain but receive honor; expecting a cold shoulder but get a warm embrace

Tell me the color of a man laying down his life for another

One that’s neither father, nor mother, not sister, or even brother

Tell me that color and then my friend, the color of love I need not name

For THAT color and Love’s hue are one and the same!

Suffice it to say, I came to the conclusion that scripture summed up ages ago: loving another is the most godly thing I could ever do. (John 15:13, 1 John 4:8). It is this truth that drives my life and my storytelling. To read multiple 5-star reviews from readers saying that truth came across clearly in the pages of A Divine Romance, gave me a great sense of fulfillment as a novelist. And I hope that God’s love inspires my fellow ACFW novelists today, and always.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ifueko Fex Ogbomo is an award-winning novelist, prize-winning poet, performing artist, and sickle cell activist whose life’s mission is InspiroLogos – ‘to inspire with words.’ For her internationally acclaimed work in the performing arts, she was awarded US permanent residency (2017). She enjoys sharing the gospel through the spoken word and storytelling. Visit Ifueko on her website.



Scripture summed it up ages ago: loving another is the most godly thing I could ever do. (John 15:13, 1 John 4:8). @inspirologos @ValentinesDay @love #ACFW Click To Tweet

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