Unexpected Blessings

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by Kathi Macias

God never ceases to amaze me. It’s stunning enough to realize that He uses frail, fallible human beings (like you and me!) to partner with Him in ministry, but even more humbling to discover how great His plans are for the work He calls us to do.

Though I’ve seen this truth played out many times over the forty years I’ve known and walked with the Savior, it came to the forefront again recently about the time my most recent book, Unexpected Christmas Hero, was scheduled to release. This particular book deals with a recently widowed mother and her two small children who end up homeless and are befriended by a disabled, homeless Vietnam vet named Rick. When the cover designer was looking for just the right model to photograph for the cover, he and his wife came across a man named Willard Parker who was very nearly a “spitting image” of the hero in my book. They explained to him what they were doing and what the book was about, and then asked if he would be willing to pose for the cover. Not only did he agree, but he shared with them a story that they then passed on to me.

It seems Mr. Parker really is homeless and that he’s been looking for his family, particularly his now grown daughter, for years. He expressed his hope and prayer (yes, he’s a believer!) that being on the cover of the book might help him in his quest. When the designer passed this information on to me, I immediately mounted an Internet and radio campaign to help Mr. Parker in his efforts.

Now, what are the chances that something like this could happen apart from God’s purpose and direction? I was moved to tears when I learned of Mr. Parker’s situation-and blessed beyond words to think that God would allow me to be part of this search for his family. At this point we haven’t found them, but we’re still looking-and praying and believing. We are also rejoicing at the mercy and faithfulness of God.

Now I must admit that as much as I love what I do, there are times when I wonder at the purpose of it all. Am I really accomplishing anything by writing Christian fiction? Am I just “preaching to the choir,” producing good, clean stories that entertain but, ultimately, do little to change the world?

Been there, done that, haven’t you? We know better, but we all have days like that, at least once in a while. And then something like this happens, and we are reminded of why we do what we do. It’s all about God-His purposes and His glory. But He allows us to partner with Him in it, and that is the greatest blessing of all.

Kathi Macias (www.kathimacias.com; www.boldfiction.com) is an award-winning author of 40 books, including the Golden Scrolls 2011 Novel of the Year and Carol Award Finalist,
Red Ink. She lives in Southern California with her husband, Al, where she is affectionately known as “Easy Writer.”

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  1. “Am I really accomplishing anything by writing Christian fiction? Am I just ?preaching to the choir,? producing good, clean stories that entertain but, ultimately, do little to change the world?”

    No, we write because the American choir is very quiet and struggling in the anything-goes-culture we live in. Christian fiction needs to encourage, chastise, admonish, and support believers in this world, to show us how to live, how to make those hard choices and to remind us this life is but a vapor, yet eternity is forever–that’s why we write on top of bringing glory to the King.

  2. Often I have found myself guessing if what I do makes a difference and then I was told by others indeed that what I am doing is helping and impacting lives for the KINGDOM sooo then for awhile I am content and keep on keeping on but then again I get to where I question it again.. Is what I am doing making a difference and YES YES YES GLORY TO GOD if you write, blog, SHARE 8 the LOVE of JESUS with others- then YOU are making a difference in the KINGDOM and SHARING His limitless LOVE is what EVERY CHRISTIAN is called to do…
    I have read several of your books Sister Kathi and YOU are anointed and appointed from above and what you do does impact the KINGDOM….

  3. I love God and his perfect timing! I am just beginning this journey of writing and know in my heart that God gave me the inspiration. Lately I’ve been questioning what direction does He want me to go with it? Is any of it even good enough to put out there? Like you questioned….”Am I accomplishing anything by writing Christian Fiction?”

    God will put someone in your path to give you a push in the right direction! I love that!
    Your story is incredible! This is why we write about God’s love…to touch someone, to plant a seed! Who knows what can happen when God is involved! I realize after coming across your blog that if God gives you the vision, He will give you the provision to accomplish it! Thank you for sharing this, Kathi!


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