Tons of Fun and No Sin Involved

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Just recently, we hosted VBS at our church. At the end of the week, one of the girls told her grandmother, “We had so much fun and there was no sin involved.” We all got a kick out of her comment, but then realized how true (and wonderful!) her observation is!

Isn’t it great that Christians can gather together and have a ton of fun without sinning? Well, here’s an opportunity for Christian novelists looking to have some good, clean fun!

The ACFW conference is the premier conference for published and unpublished authors of Christian fiction. Where else can you find that many CBA agents, editors, and authors all under one roof? Not to mention the books available at the book signing. Wow! The fact that the signing is going to be at the Mall of America this year is just icing on the cake.

Where can you find so many like-minded friends who love to talk about books for four days straight? Can you imagine some of our friends who aren’t quite as into books having to endure four days of book-talk? lol But for those of us who love to read and write Christian fiction, the conference is a dream come true.

Chat until the wee hours of the morning with your friends. Meet up with old friends or form new friendships if this is your first time to attend. There is a First Time Attendee orientation on Thursday. This is an awesome opportunity to meet others who might not have forged long-term friendships. Latch onto a couple of buddies. Who knows? They’re liable to become some of your closest friends in the publishing industry. I’ve got about 1600 friends (and counting) in ACFW, but some are a little closer than others. My very best friends are the Seekers, women who are really and truly like sisters to me. I don’t know what I would do without each and every one of them.

So, for the time of your life, sign up for the ACFW conference. Tons of fun and no sin involved. What more could you ask for?

Pam Hillman, ACFW Treasurer

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