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I’m so happy to be here. I’m a lurker on the ACFW main loop. I’m on AOL and for some reason, I bounce when I try to comment over there. So … I read a lot of posts and every now and then, I sneak in a comment or two.

For those of you who don’t know me well, I celebrated my forty-fifth release this year and I’m blessed to have contracts for several more books. I write for Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense and Superromance (PG 13 rated, however.)

I thought since my September release is part of a continuity, I’d tell you a little bit about “The Doctor’s Family” and the overview of this continuity. My reason for doing this is–I’ve had so much mail regarding this book. It’s mostly good. People seem to love my big city doctor Jonathan Turner and pretty mother of triplet girls Arabella Clayton Michaels. But they are complaining because they don’t think I’ve wrapped up all the mysteries. So here’s the scoop–I’m not supposed to wrap up all the mysteries. That comes in the three books after mine!

This Love Inspired continuity involves a big family of cousins in the little town of Clayton, Colorado. This story was a challenge (all those cousins also have other cousins on the other side of the family, too!) There is a will with stipulations left by Grandpa Clayton and there are people who don’t want the Clayton cousins to inherit anything. My Arabella is the only cousin on the “good” side of the family who chose to stay in Clayton. But all the others have to come home for one year to honor the stipulations of the will and inherit their share of the money. And maybe learn some value lessons about God’s grace and love.

So that’s the overview. In my book, the third one in the series, Arabella finds out the young girl she’s “adopted” into her family has a handsome uncle from Denver who is a big city doctor. Jonathan has plans to take his niece back to Denver, but soon the doctor who has tried so hard to avoid having a family begins to see that a family is exactly what he wants.

I hope you will check out the entire Rocky Mountain Heirs series. It was fun to participate with fellow writers Linda Goodnight, Arlene James, Carolyne Aarsen, Roxanne Rustand and Kathryn Springer. I promise if you read all of the books, the mysteries will be cleared up and we will give you a happy ending.

On another note, this weekend is the tenth anniversary of 9/11. I haven’t forgotten that. My heart will always hurt for what we witnessed that day ten years ago. My prayers and love go out to all of the real life heroes who try to protect us each and every day. It was hard to write after that day ten years ago, but I kept at it. My readers tell me that our words and our stories bring them comfort. I hope I can always do that because in spite of the sadness in the world at times, I still believe in God’s steadfast love and … those happy endings.

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