The Story Behind Love Lessons by Margaret Daley

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Please welcome our guest blogger today, Margaret Daley, beloved author of over 60 books. Margaret, take it away:

Steeple Hill asked me to write a three book series about homeschooling because I was a teacher for twenty-seven years. I said yes, then delved into the world of homeschooling. I have friends who homeschool their children and one worked with her grandchildren. I talked and interviewed tons of people who are doing it. I visited a school where homeschoolers come to take classes, especially elective ones like music, art and drama. I saw a friend’s room where she taught her children. Even as a teacher, I dealt with students who were learning at home because of medical or behavioral reasons.

I discovered there were many reasons why a parent decided to homeschool. In my series I show only three of those reasons. For this first book, I wanted to show a father involved in his child’s homeschooling. So many of the people I talked with were women, but sometimes both parents worked with their children in homeschooling. I personally never talked with a father who did, but I wanted to show it could work and does.

Although the books don’t go into depth about homeschooling because the stories are a romance first and foremost, I wanted to show some of the problems that arise when homeschooling as well as the rewards. Parents wrestle with different issues—some how to do it, others about their capability to teach effectively, even others motivating their children or managing their time to get everything in. It is time consuming—a job—an important one. Trying to give your child all the opportunities he needs to learn and socialize with others isn’t always easy with the resources in some communities. Online support has helped some parents as well as co-ops in their towns. A lot more curriculum has been developed in the past years to assist parents. It is becoming more recognized in some states, but parents do have to check the requirements in their state.

Have any of you homeschooled?

Do you know someone who has?

What are your feelings concerning homeschooling children?



Summary for Love Lessons:

Homeschooling his daughter is new to devoted single father Ian Ferguson. To ensure his child gets a good education, the busy CPA hires a temporary tutor to help out during tax season. Twenty-three-year-old college student Alexa Michaels is too young–and too pretty–to be right for the job. Yet his daughter is coming out of her shell and learning. Still, Ian is traditional, and sweet Alexa–who graduated from the school of hard knocks–is challenging some of his old-school ways. Can this dad learn some valuable lessons about love, family and faith from the least likely teacher?

Love Lessons, out in April, is the first book in the Love Inspired series. Then comes The Heart of a Cowboy in July, and then finally A Daughter for Christmas in November is the last in the Happy Homeschooling Series.

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    I’m very excited about this book series. I homeschooled 2 of my kids in 6th & 7th grade. I found the animalistic behavior in the public school system really damaging my kids. Once they had built their confidence back up, they both chose to go back to school. But the interesting thing was that each had surpassed the public school system in education! The testing was astonishing. My daughter went back to public school in the high school grades, but my son chose private Christian school.

    If I had it to do over again with all my kids, I’d definitely homeschool the entire way. I felt the benefits were extraordinary. In our state, we have many groups of homeschoolers. We got together regularly and supported one another in areas of our strengths. These kids in Montana get a phenomenal homeschool education and keep winning things like the spelling bees and are much more socially adaptable with all ages.

    Just loved our opportunity and experience with homeschooling.
    Angie Breidenbach (who’s kids are all grown up now but will be assisting to homeschool her grandson.)

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