The Greatest Love of All

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by Lorraine Walker

February pulls our heartstrings, bringing to mind those we love. Celebrating with our special heartthrob (my husband of forty years), children exchanging sweet notes at parties, and let us not forget the greatest love of all.

Our Savior gave his life because he loves us. My writing cannot be separated from that love. As inspirational novelists, we find ourselves weaving the love of our Lord into every book. I’ve perused many websites of great authors. My heart is warmed as they give credit to their Savior for success.

I am moved as they challenge those of us who have not yet traveled the road to greatness to put Christ first in our lives and develop that relationship. I have found comfort in this walk to publication in knowing that if my Lord is in control of my life, he will help me walk the destined path to bring about his purpose. Any gift or talent we possess is a loan from him. Let us walk worthy of the calling and strive to do our best.

If I spend daily time with the Lord, I am strengthened, and if I miss that time, I find myself weaker. Having been published through a house which required some author participation, I am now seeking traditional publishing, walking that long road, always trying to hone my craft. Remember the words often found in Robin Hatcher’s closings – In his grip – and embed them in your mind.

You’ll learn to worry less and trust more. After all, it truly is all about him. An inspirational writer’s goal is to inspire, and there is no greater inspiration than pointing the world to Christ, not with a preachy message, but with a message of love, redemption, restoration, and encouragement. Everyone needs hope. As we seek to entertain, may he be the spring from which our creativity flows. Trust him and do your best!

To borrow from one of the greats: “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart!” Bless every one of you out there. I wish you every success!

Rebecca Lorraine Walker, author of the Laurel Oaks Trilogy, is currently represented by Reclaim Management and is seeking publication for her Mail Order Brides of the West Series. She is currently working on a new series, Women of Destiny. Lorraine loves reading novels by Tamera Alexander, Julie Klassen, Andrea Boeshaar, Margaret Brownley, Tracie Peterson, Robin Lee Hatcher, Kelly Eileen Hake, Lauraine Snelling, Eva Marie Everson, M. L. Tyndall, Lori Copeland, and Karen Witemeyer.

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